3 Reasons Why Taking Your Presentation Seriously Can Help You in Life

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None of us likes to feel vain, and we all know — or at least, we all should know — that it’s our character that defines us, not the way we look. Nonetheless, the way we present ourselves isn’t entirely meaningless to the experience we can expect to have while progressing through our lives.

Simply put, if you wear dirty old tracksuits everywhere, all day, don’t comb your hair, and basically reject the very idea of putting in any effort to your appearance, you are not only going to increase the odds that other people will respond badly to you, but you are almost certainly doing significant harm to your own mental health, self-respect, and well-being as well.

Not everyone is going to be a supermodel, but that’s not the point of this. Taking pride and care in your presentation is a matter of what you choose to do with yourself, rather than the hand you’ve been dealt by mother nature.

And don’t think for a moment that presentation only applies to yourself and how you dress. The way you style your home is majorly important, too.

Here are a few reasons why taking presentation seriously can help you in life.

Your immediate environment is a collection of psychological cues. Make them empowering, and you will be empowered

You might think that your home is really just a place where you relax on weekend and evenings, and where you make your morning cup of coffee.

You may think that, but you’d be wrong.

Our homes are in fact an incredibly powerful psychological stage, and the way we decorate and present our homes can have an untold impact on our approach to life, and the way we view ourselves.

Consider this — if you lived in a dark, gloomy house, with very little lighting, natural or otherwise, and the walls were covered in macabre art of people crying and generally looking extremely unhappy with their lives, do you think you would end up developing a sunny, jovial, and happy persona as a result?

On the other hand, if your home was light, well-illuminated, tidied and organised, and filled with motivational and exciting posters from a service such as www.printsafari.com, don’t you think that would, at the very least, significantly increase the odds that you would feel happy and capable over time?

The way we structure and organise our immediate environments — meaning, really, our homes — has a lot to do with how we feel, and even the types of people we ultimately become. If you match a desire for genuine growth and self-improvement, with a home that’s decorated in an uplifting and empowering style, you exponentially increase the odds that you will be empowered as a result.

Taking care of your presentation reinforces your own sense of self-worth and your own idea that you’re someone worth taking seriously

What is true for our home decor in a more “macro” sense is absolutely true for our own physical presentation in a more micro sense. Whether or not you consider yourself physically attractive or physically unattractive by virtue of birth, you are guaranteed to like, respect, and value yourself less, if you dress in a way that you associate with sloppiness, unattractiveness, and apathy.

Your subconscious mind is an extremely powerful thing, and it responds to things that you might not even be consciously aware of. If, for example, you routinely dress in a way that makes you unhappy, your subconscious mind will end up developing thoughts along the lines of “this isn’t right”, “I’m not happy”, “I guess I’m not worth very much”, and so on.

By making the effort to present yourself in a way that you actually like, and that actually makes you feel like someone who you could take seriously, you can radically shift your own sense of self-worth and your capacity to act positively in the world, overnight.

“Clothes make the man”, dressing professionally often helps improve your office clout

Different jobs and industries have different expectations when it comes to personal appearance. While you may be able to buck these rules from time to time — such as if you’re extremely good at your job, or happen to own the company, for example — you can expect generally to have a much easier time progressing in your career, if you “look the part”.

An old maxim declares that “clothes make the man”. This isn’t true, exactly, but it is certainly the case that what you wear in different settings influences how likely people are to treat you with a level of professional courtesy and respect.

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