Be The Change You Want To See In The Agriculture Industry

The agricultural industry has had a pretty hard time in recent years. It’s not alone, of course. Industries across the world have been struggling to remain in favor as consumers become more informed. The fact is that, with the internet, everyone can now look into the intricacies of each industry. And, they don’t always like what they find.

Still, it’d be fair to say agriculture has come under the most substantial strain of any industry. Not only do farmers have to cope with an eco-conscious age, but they’re also dealing with the rise of veganism. As can be seen on sites like, the last three years have seen an astounding 600% rise in this eating choice. When you consider all this, it’s no surprise many in the agriculture industry are wondering how safe their jobs are.


If you’re among the many, though, you’ve come to the right place. In truth, any industry faces peaks and troughs over the years. There’s no reason this change has to spell an end to agriculture jobs. But, one thing we can all agree on is that the industry needs to change. And, we’re going to look at three positions which would allow you to help it do so.

Management roles

Management roles are best for driving change in any industry. And, as can be seen from job sites like, there are many management roles in the agricultural industry right now. So, if you’ve always taken a backseat, it might be time to apply for a job with more power. When you’re at the top, you can make real impacts in how the industry meets these changing opinions. You can put recycling initiatives in place, and ensure your animals receive the right care. These are changes which need to happen, and you could easily be the one to make sure of it. All you need to do is step up and apply for some of those higher roles.

Animal feed sales

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It’s also possible to make a real difference when selling animal feed right now. As mentioned above, people care more than ever about the way farms look after their animals. As such, ensuring their nutritional needs are met is now essential. And, you can help to achieve this with each transaction by selling the right animal feed. Many companies provide nutritional food, and they need salespeople. So, don’t hesitate to apply for a role like this. With your expertise, farms across your area could soon start feeding their animals better.

Crop-only farms

Image Source

Unsurprisingly, recent years have also seen an increase in crop-only farms. These appeal to both eco-conscious and animal-friendly consumers. Thanks to lower emissions due to a lack of cows, farms like these more than half carbon emissions. On top of which, such establishments appeal to rather than alienate the vegan audience. What’s more, they need trained staff like you to see real success. So, making a change here could be as simple as applying for roles on farms like these.

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