The Secrets All Parents Need To Motivate Their Teens

There is no denying that teenagers can be extremely lazy at times. I’m sure you will already know this yourself from living with your child! Teenagers are notoriously late sleepers, and you might have trouble trying to wake yours up before midday at the weekends and during holidays. Plus, when they do eventually wake up, teens are hardly the most motivated people on the planet. Most will just want to laze around watching TV, scrolling through their smartphone, or playing games consoles. When they do leave the house it might just be to go to the mall or to hang out with their friends. Because of this very lazy and self-centered behavior, many parents worry about who their teenagers will cope once they finally enter the adult world and need to find a job.

Thankfully, though, teenagers still have plenty of motivation in them to do well. It’s just that they are more inclined to be lazy as they don’t have any real responsibilities yet, and don’t need to ever push themselves too hard. But there is plenty that you can do to change it. You will find that by motivating them yourself, they should find all of the motivation that has been hiding inside them.

Ready to ignite a fire in your teens and inspire them to do as well as they can? Here are some ways you can successfully motivate them without hearing too many moans from them!

Tell Them What They Will Get Out Of Something

I’ve already mentioned that teenagers can be ever so slightly self-centered. That’s just because most of them haven’t learnt the benefits and advantages that come with doing things for others. So, if you want to persuade your teen to do or achieve something, you need to point out that it is going to be worth it for them in the long run. For instance, you should explain that they always need to work hard at school and try to aim for high grades so that they have a better chance of getting into the University Of California or a similar well-established educational institution after high school. Something else that many parents struggle to motivate their teens to do is to find a weekend job so that they can start earning a bit of cash before they head off to college. Obviously, they will get something out of working – a wage! You just need to remind them that they will finally have their own income, even if it is only quite small, but they will still be able to spend it on what they want or save for a special purchase.

Listen To Their Views

It is really important that you listen to your teenager’s views. After all, they are almost adults and will have plenty of their own opinions. Even if they clash with your own, you should still listen to their ideas and views to see if you can come to some kind of compromise or understanding. Hopefully, you won’t need to come to too much of a compromise when you are trying to encourage and motivate them, though! But you should always listen to them or else you might find that they don’t take too kindly to your requests or advice. If you just tell them to do something because you say so, you might find that they hit back against this. This will create a very demotivating environment, which is of course the last thing you want to do. One of the best things that you can do is to sit down with your teen and to discuss what it is you want to encourage them to do and all of the benefits that will be associated with it. By treating them like adults and discussing all of the reasons why they should do something, such as study hard at high school, they will feel like they are being respected and that they will also be able to have a say in how things pan out from now. They might even have a few suggestions as to how you can help them achieve their goals too!

Remember That Teens Are Forgetful

Teenagers have terrible memories. This isn’t just a bad stereotype that people have made up about them – there is actually some science that backs it up! Teenagers’ bodies are constantly changing, and this is all because of the changing levels of hormones as they grow and develop into adults. If you remember that your teens are likely to be quite forgetful, you can then alter how you try and motivate them to take this into consideration. So, it is always worth writing down plans and to-do lists. That way, there is no way they will forget anything that they need to do in order to achieve their goals and targets. You might find that creating a routine for them also helps them to set things in their mind. If your teens are really into their tech, you might want to get them to set certain reminders in their apps and tablet devices.

Make Them Learn From Mistakes And Failure

It can be very difficult to achieve a goal or target without encountering any failure or making any mistakes at all. There are always going to be ups and downs in life, after all, and these are just things that we need to deal with. As your teen might not have encountered too much failure in their life to start with, and they might find that their first few failures and mistakes are difficult to cope with. You can help them get over them, thankfully. All you need to do is inform them that these are great learning opportunities. Once your teen has learned from a certain mistake, they can be sure not to make it again in the future!

Add Some Fun

You should always try and add some fun when you are trying to motivate your teenager! This will give them a better chance of responding well to everything that you try and do for them. If your teens know that they are going to have plenty of fun, they will be easier to get out of bed in the morning and will be more willing to turn off the TV and get active. Lots of teenagers, especially boys, respond exceptionally well to competition. So, if it is at all possible, you might want to try and add a competitive side to all the things they need to do to achieve their goals. Even if they don’t have anyone who they can compete against, they can always try and better themselves. Sometimes, there is nothing better than trying to compete against ourselves!

Make Sure There Are Some Incentives

If there are no incentives at all, then your teen may be very reluctant to try and work hard in order to better themselves. So, you should put some clear incentives in place for them to work towards. This is especially important when certain tasks won’t necessarily result in a big outcome that your teen can be proud of. If you just want your child to try and do better in high school, then you might want to set them a target of achieving certain grades at the end of the year or in their next report card. If they do, then you might want to buy them a gift or take them for a meal at their favorite restaurant.

So, how will you motivate your teen to do well in life?

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