6 Easy Hacks To Improve Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the most underrated but most used in the home and yet renovations for the bathroom can get rather expensive! Minor changes to the naked eye can be large changes to the budget that you have. The good thing about the bathroom is that there are plenty of things that you can do to it to make it look better and generally give it a better atmosphere than it had before.

Some of the most minor adjustments can transform your bathroom in an instant, and while it may not end up looking like a spa bath, it’ll still be a space that you love to spend time in. Below, we’ve got six hacks to help you spruce up your bathroom without too much upheaval.

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  1. Colour. Regardless of the space that you have in the bathroom, the colour that you paint the walls can make such a difference to the look of the room. A simple lick of paint in a totally different colour can cement the changes that you’ve made in the best way. Crisp white bathroom suites against a warm purple make a bathroom pop; add some silver accents and bam, a whole new bathroom without much effort!
  2. Flooring. You can take a look at www.montgomerys.com/ to choose some awesome flooring. If you only change the flooring beneath your feet and nothing else, you can still make a big difference to the look of the room. Don’t forget the underfloor heating, either, because on those cold winter mornings it doesn’t matter what the floor looks like if your feet have turned to ice.
  3. Accessories. Shower caddies for your toiletries, coordinated laundry hampers, brand new shower screens or curtains; all of these things can be everything that you need to make the room look fresher and more updated.
  4. Spa. You may not be able to install a steam shower, but you could still decorate with wicker and wood to give the bathroom that spa-like feel that you often get when walking into your local place. Add candles and high-quality towels with a high thread count to get the right look.
  5. Handles. Drawer and cupboard handles often go unnoticed, but they can have quite the impact on the entire bathroom. Upgrading wooden round knobs can make a difference, especially if you went to metallic handles instead of wood. Clear and glossy hardware can make the cabinets look far sleeker than you would have expected.
  6. Mirrors. Mirrors always expand the space in a room, and if you have a small bathroom you can rely on mirrors to do the job for you to make it look far bigger. Make sure that you buy ones with quality frames, though, as you can add a little luxury to a bathroom this way!

Your bathroom is the place you go to relax in the shower or a bubble bath; make it look great and you’ll never want to leave. Your guests will love your changes, and you’ll be the talk of the street!

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