Short But Sharp Practices To Look After Your Frame Of Mind In This Busy World

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We all know that we need to look after ourselves, especially now with so many different factors impacting our frame of mind, from the much talked about fear of missing out (FOMO) due to things like social media, but also, the stresses we’re all feeling with jobs that overwork us, but underpay us. We can feel the pinch in every part of our lives now, which is why it’s important for us to look after the one thing that matters: our frame of mind. You don’t have to look far to see the impacts of depression and anxiety on adults of all ages, and even children now. So, being in an age of the quick fix, are there any short but sharp practices we can do to look after our frame of mind, and not admit defeat to these common mental health problems?

Look At Your Self-Image

If you are working a job that dents away at your pride every time you walk in through the main entrance, after a while, you can begin to feel like there’s a cloud hovering over your sense of sanity. This turns into negative thoughts and can contribute to a low self-image. When we feel like this, we can trick our brain into kick-starting a positive attitude again. This might sound too simple to be true, but, from a scientific perspective, your brain is unable to tell the difference between a real thought and an imagined one. This is why many athletes or business people use self-talk. It’s not something that is relegated to the movies, it’s definitely worth trying, even though we might feel foolish at the very outset, but the more you do it, the better you will feel, and therefore this positive attitude will compound itself. The other way of improving your self-image is to look at what you see in the mirror. If you find that you look tired, sleep more, or take more pride in your appearance. It’s reinvigorating if you feel in a negative state of mind, but you see yourself dressed sharply. And sometimes, even if you work in a professional job where uniforms are standard, such as the nursing profession, you can wear cute nursing shoes that are stylish, yet practical. Taking pride in your appearance is a very simple way to retrain your negative state of mind and turn it into a positive. We all have days where we don’t feel attractive, but there are ways around this. And if you can trick yourself into feeling great, then you will feel great.

Take A Mental Break

If you work a stressful job, or you have a stressful home life, that temptation to run away is always something that hangs over us. But if you feel like life is a non-stop treadmill, you need to get off it from time to time, so you can rest and recuperate. Sometimes, we can overwork our minds, so we end up feeling run down by life in general. And this is where taking a break, no matter how short it is, from our daily pressures, gives us the time and space to re-center. You don’t have to go on vacation to the Algarve; you can spend 10 minutes in the morning focused on something that you love. If you feel like you’re giving too much of yourself to other people, it’s time to recapture your sense of self. This means taking time away. Go away on the weekend, or participate in hobbies that you can engage with by yourself. Whatever makes you happy, make sure it’s about you.

Look At The Big Picture

If you’ve been feeling like this for some time, is it a short-term sacrifice for long-term gain? For example, if you are going through a difficult period in work, but it’s with a view to getting a promotion, or gaining valuable experience so you can get to the career you want, reminding yourself of the bigger picture can give you that sense of focus again. In life, we can feel like we lost track of our goals, or we didn’t have any in the first place. If you haven’t got any goals, and you’re unhappy for what appears to be no reason, it’s important to examine the bigger picture, are you in the best place for your frame of mind? If not, then it’s time to undertake a major overhaul of your core beliefs in life.

Are You Fueling Yourself?

We can all feel under the weather, tired, or even exhausted, physically and mentally. So, are you giving your body and brain what it needs? You might have lifestyle habits that are not what your body craves. While it’s easy to say you should eat a healthy diet, sometimes we don’t notice what is actually bad for us until we cut something out. So if you find yourself constantly tired, is it because of a poor diet choice, or is it something else in your life? But the diet is the best place to begin. Because it’s something we can have immediate control over. Now, so many of us are intolerant to wheat, dairy, nuts, etc. So look at taking something out of your diet that you might consider to be the culprit, for at least a month, and then see if you feel any different. If you don’t have the right fuel for your body, it’s unsurprising that you’re struggling. And, it’s important to remember that if your body is not functioning properly, neither is your mind. There’s a lot of talk about the blood-brain barrier, where certain foods can have a detrimental effect on your brain, and this is something lots of us have to think about. It’s the age-old expression, you are what you eat. So if you are someone who lives unhealthily, and doesn’t undertake any exercise, it’s hardly a surprise that you’re not running on optimum. So make sure you fuel yourself properly, and this also means making sure you’re eating enough for your energy expenditure. While there’s a lot of focus on and eating and dieting, this might not be the right thing for you.

Looking after your frame of mind in this busy world isn’t just about a few simple exercises, but it’s an ongoing practice. By looking at yourself image, having a break, as well as reassessing the bigger picture, in conjunction with the adequate fuel, you have a solid baseline in which to begin.

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