100 Ways To Improve Your Health

Health and happiness go hand-in-hand! We should all try to live a happier and healthier existence, and here are 100 ways you can do so.

  1. Set yourself small and manageable goals. We often fail when we give yourselves a mountain to climb.
  2. Focus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t.
  3. Take a bath. Baths can soothe dry skin while also helping you to relax so that you get a better night’s sleep.


  1. Start the day with protein.
  2. Sit up straight. This can increase serotonin and lower your stress hormones, as well as ensuring you do not suffer from any posture-related problems.
  3. Go on holiday – and make sure it is a relaxing one! We all need to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life now and again.
  4. Eat whole grains.
  5. Ban all electronics in bed.
  6. Practice deep breathing.
  7. Stop eating in front of the television. You will eat more if you have distractions because you are not focused on what you are consuming.
  8. Find a workout you enjoy. There are so many different ways you can work out, from dancing and cycling to cross-training and playing a competitive sport. Find something you love and you will be more likely to stick to it.
  9. Go to the dentist once every six months.
  10. Learn how to read food labels properly. Just because something says ‘low fat’ does not mean it is good for you.
  11. Don’t eat after 9 p.m.
  12. Make your own salad dressing.
  13. Stop judging others and you will be less judgmental of yourself.
  14. Discover your stress triggers (so you can avoid them!)
  15. Stop frowning. It makes your skin age!
  16. Try yoga. You do not need to be flexible in order to do yoga. Give it a try – you might be surprised to find that you enjoy it.
  17. Learn your family medical history.
  18. Stop being afraid to ask for help.
  19. Reduce your sugar intake.
  20. View every difficulty as an opportunity. If you have made a mistake, find out where you have gone wrong, and learn from it.
  21. Don’t be afraid to have a good cry. You will feel much better once you have let it all out.
  22. Bulk out pasta dishes with greens to make sure you don’t eat too much of it.


  1. Find time to socialize.
  2. Schedule in your workouts to ensure that you have time to do them.
  3. Create a budget. This will help you to understand what you have coming in and going out every month so that you do not live beyond your means.
  4. Stop over-planning.
  5. Make time every day to relax. It doesn’t matter whether you simply chill out for five minutes or have a long bath; you need to have some you time.
  6. Try acupuncture.
  7. Post motivational quotes around the house.
  8. Start listening to your body more. Eat when you are hungry. Rest when you need it.
  9. Try meditation.
  10. Figure ways to work smarter, not harder. To achieve more, you do not need to put more hours in. You need to look at your current processes and find ways to improve them.
  11. Choose quality over quantity when you are indulging. A good quality chocolate bar comes with more nutrients, more flavor, and more antioxidant power.
  12. Follow your heart. You only get one life, so start doing the things that you really want to do.
  13. Smile more.
  14. Learn something new. This can be anything from learning a new language to learning how to change a tire.
  15. Cut out the negative people in your life. If you have ‘friends’ that aren’t supportive and always try to bring you down, are they really friends?
  16. Follow healthy living blogs.
  17. Change “I can’t” to “I can’t do that YET.”
  18. Play more brain games.
  19. Acknowledge bad thoughts, deal with them, and let them pass.
  20. Stop drinking your calories with sugary drinks and creamy coffees.
  21. Organise a date night with your partner. It is important to make your relationship a priority and schedule precious time together.


  1. Be realistic.
  2. Watch a funny movie.
  3. Wear sunscreen daily – yes, even when it is cold outside.
  4. Try interval training.
  5. Get more vegetables into your diet by blending them into sauces and soups.
  6. Create to-do lists to stay organized.
  7. Take a first aid training course. Head to cprheartcenter.com for more information on this.
  8. Stop being so harsh on yourself. This is something we are all guilty of. You need to cut yourself some slack. We are all human!
  9. Say yes more…
  10. … but also learn how to say no.
  11. Don’t weigh yourself more than once a week.
  12. Support a good cause. Find a cause that appeals to you. Whether you want to support an endangered species or a charity that deals with bullying is your choice.
  13. Let someone else do the legwork for once.
  14. Be proud of your achievements.
  15. Track what you eat. This doesn’t mean you need to calorie count, but it will help you to get a better understanding of what you are consuming so you can avoid overeating.
  16. Take a multi-vitamin.
  17. Cut out meat one day per week.
  18. Use your slow cooker more.
  19. Remember that you are unique and that is your power.
  20. Clear your credit card debt. Debt creates a lot of stress and worry. If you owe money to credit card companies, make a plan so you can start paying it off today.
  21. Grow indoor plants. Not only do plants look beautiful and, therefore, enhance your living environment, but they also increase airflow within the home, providing a more comfortable place to live.


  1. Start each day with a green smoothie so you can get lots of vitamins into your body before you leave the house.
  2. Pack a first aid kit.
  3. Do nice things for people. Little acts of kindness are great for your well-being.
  4. Focus on how far you have come.
  5. Give up smoking.
  6. Switch to natural beauty products.
  7. Do a mini workout whenever there is a TV advert on. After all, these are regular three-minute intervals of our lives that are usually wasted.
  8. Carry hand sanitizer with you.
  9. Create. Creativity triggers happy chemicals in the brain.
  10. Stop putting things off.
  11. Enter a race.
  12. Take regular breaks throughout the day so you can re-energize and refresh.
  13. Drink one less cup of coffee per day.  
  14. Watch the news – it stimulates your mind.
  15. Get off the bus a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way.
  16. Throw away your microwave.
  17. Find out the recommended serving size before cooking.
  18. Stop buying processed foods.
  19. Get a pet.
  20. Set yourself challenges, for example, see how long you can hold a plank or how many squats you can do in a minute, and try to break it.
  21. Embrace your faith.
  22. Make sure you have healthy snacks available at all times.
  23. Talk to yourself. It helps you to become more self-aware.
  24. Snack on nuts. There are many reasons why nuts make a great snack. Not only are they a great source of many nutrients, but also they are filled with antioxidants, can help you lose weight, lower triglycerides and cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and they are high in fiber.


  1. Hang around people that make you feel better about yourself.
  2. Make a list of the things that make you happy.
  3. Write grocery shopping lists.
  4. Use lavender oil, especially if you struggle to get a good night’s sleep.
  5. Express your feelings more.
  6. Drink more water. Add fruit to bring some flavor. Hollandandbarrett.com have some great tips on how to make water more exciting.
  7. Make a list of your goals so that you can be more focused.
  8. Keep a journal. Writing down your thoughts at the end of every day can help you to get them off your chest so that you feel revitalized and less stress the following day.
  9. Laugh often. The best piece of advice saved until last!

So there you have it: 100 ways you can start living a happier and healthier life. Follow some of the suggestions that have been provided and you will notice a significant difference in your mind, body, and soul. Let’s all start being happier and healthier today!

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