Feeling Cooped Up In The Office? Try Chicken Farming Instead

Enterprises come in all shapes and sizes. In the business world, there’s more focus on the office environment than anything else. Hence why many individuals start out in this setting. But, sometimes, being cooped up in an office isn’t a choice we’re willing to make. For some of us, a life like that could never be a happy one.

But, that’s not to say that such individuals can’t start a new business. There are many options which can see you out and about on a daily basis. Many people opt to start construction firms or undertake a gardening enterprise. Both these options could see you out in the fresh air as much as possible. But, neither of these beat an option like farming. Nothing’s as good as this for spreading your wings and escaping the workplace. Of course, many opportunities in this industry involve start-up costs which are out of reach for many of us. But, something like chicken farming has low overheads and might be worth considering.

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As livestock goes, chickens are a reasonably cheap option. As such, you could get started with this in the not too distant future. But, before you do, it’s worth asking yourself the following questions.

What products would your chicken farm focus on?

This may seem like a strange question. Surely the chickens are the products? But, there are a few different ways to make money from a chicken farm, and you need to consider each. The most apparent money-making benefit here is, of course, eggs. By focusing on egg production, you can be sure to make large amounts of money from each chicken you buy. After all, the average hen produces at least one egg most days. With regards to returns, it doesn’t get much better than this. But, that’s not to say egg production is your only option.

You may also want to delve into the world of broiler chickens, produced for meat. You do only get one lump-sum payment from these chickens, but you also pay less for upkeep. As such, the profit margins will be much the same.

If neither of the above options takes your fancy, you could even opt to breed chickens for other farms. This involves understanding what makes chickens ideal and breeding for the desired traits. If you get a reputation for yourself here, you’re sure to see fantastic returns.

So, there’s more to settle on than just chicken farming. You don’t have to stick with one option here, but it may be best to do so in your early days. That way, you can perfect one field before moving onto others. Make sure to consider startup costs and potential problems before making a decision.

What kinds of chickens?

Once you’ve decided what you want your chickens for, it’s time to consider which breeds would be best for the job. Different strains suit different purposes, so it’s crucial you take your time here. For instance, those focusing on egg production may want to opt for breeds such as White Leghorns. Those focusing on meat, however, would be better with breeds like the Cornish Rock. In some cases, there are chickens which have many functions and may be your best bet. Do your research, and consider what would be the best choice for you. Throughout deliberations, return to the decision you reached during the above point. That way, you can make sure that you’re opting for wise buying choices each time.

What will you feed your chickens?

It’s also worth taking some time to choose what you’ll feed your chickens. Again, the priority here all depends on your reasons for keeping them. Those with egg-layers will want to incorporate calcium. Keepers of broiler chickens will be more concerned with protein. No matter your purpose, proper nutrition is a must for healthy, productive chickens. The good news is, companies like River Country Cooperative produce nutritional feed options which should provide everything your chicks need. If you’re going down an egg route, you should also provide additions such as oyster shells to ensure adequate calcium. Bear in mind, too, that feeding needs may change during different times of the year. When chickens are molting, they need extra protein to ensure they keep laying eggs. In this instance, you could turn to higher protein ‘growing’ feed options. Or, you may want to turn to extras here, too. Chickens love treats like dried mealworms, and these are packed full of protein. Develop a decent calendar system to help you decide when these extras are necessary.

How will you keep your chickens?

In an age where we are becoming more aware of foul play in the farming industry, living space is much more important than you think. While battery farming and caged chickens were once the norm, this won’t do anymore. From an animal rights angle, this isn’t a life you should expose your chickens to. A move like that wouldn’t even make sense for profits in this careful consumer age.

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But, what are the alternatives? It may be that you want to keep your chickens in coops, much like homestead farmers would. Admittedly, large-scale coops can set you back a fair amount. To avoid that cost, you could always attempt to build coops of your own. As long as they have a raised perch bar and private nesting boxes, you’re sure to see results. Or, you could bite the bullet and invest in some ready-produced options. You can be sure that they’ll soon pay for themselves.

Or, you may prefer to opt for a barn set up, which will serve for more chickens in one foul swoop. There’s nothing wrong with this, as long as you provide outside space for at least some of the day. That’s easy enough to arrange. You could always build a roaming area around the entrance of your barn, and leave the doors open during sunlight. This would lend your farm the label of ‘free range’, and ensure customers don’t hesitate to buy your products.

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10 Ways You Can Instantly Bring More Positivity Into Your Life


Do you often find that a dark cloud follows you around? Whether you often wake up feeling tired and drained, before the day’s even begun, or things just never really seem to go right for you, this may be because of your outlook. It’s quite a difficult idea to take on bored, because nobody really wants to believe that they are the reason for their hardships, but outlook really is everything. When it comes to your attitude, you can quite literally change your life by changing your disposition. If you don’t want to feel down or tired or unlucky anymore, then you don’t have to. You just need to choose to do the opposite.

If you think that it seems too simple, or too good to be true, then yet again, you’re looking out with a negative disposition. And that’s not going to get you anywhere. Think about it. Up until now, you’ve had a negative attitude and you’ve felt negative emotions – like tiredness, dread, hate, unhappiness. And because of that, you’ll feel more negative as you move forward through life. However, if you were to change all of that today, and you were to start to change the way you think and feel, you’ll have so much more luck with bringing positivity into your life. And everyone can benefit from a positive outlook.

So let’s take a look at ten really simple and easy ways that you can instantly bring more positivity into your life.

  1. Think Positive

This is going to sound really simple, and in some ways it is, but you’re really going to want to start out with some positive thinking. Because guess what, if you continue to stay in a negative mindset, there you shall stay. You won’t be able to allow positivity into your life, because you’re so wrapped up in the negativity. So give some positive thinking ago to begin with, and you should find that the subsequent steps start to fall into place.

  1. Wake Up Early

Then, you need to commit to waking up early. And before you question this, and wonder what that has to do with anything (you need sleep, right?), then think about it. Because if you’re lazing around in bed all morning, and struggling to get up, you’re setting the tone for the day without realizing it. If it’s hard work to start your day, everything else will feel like hard work. Instead, by getting up early and getting on with your day, you’ll have much more energy and be able to tackle your tasks with ease.

  1. Visualize

Now we have something super important that can allow you to bring positive change into your life. And that’s to visualize it. Visualization is incredible powerful. By visualizing what you want in life, and how you want your life to look, you’ll have more power, inspiration, and motivation to bring it about. Plus, you’ll instantly feel more positive too.


  1. Be Grateful

Even when you’re feeling at your most negative, you will have things that you’re grateful for in life. Whether it’s your family, your health, your job, your home, or your relationship, or anything else at all, there will be things you are grateful for. So start to feel grateful about these things. When you do, you’ll be able to welcome more positivity into your life going forward.

  1. Be Kind

Karma comes back around. Always. If you’re a mean person and you do mean things, you will always experience negativity in your life. However, if you are kind, and you choose to be kind to others, and spread cheer, you will always get it back. Attitude is infectious, so remember to always project what you want to get back, and you’ll always be surrounded by positivity.

  1. Do A Good Deed

As a step on from that, you might like to think about doing a good deed. There are so many different good deeds that can make a positive impact in life. And not just in your life, by making you feel good, and bringing about change, but to other people’s lives too. This process allows you to pass it forward, so it’s a great step to embrace.

  1. Be Active

But at the same time, you need to be active. Because taking action is the only way to make change. Change won’t happen unless you make it. If you’ve been wronged, call the injury lawyer to take action. If you’re feeling it, go to the doctor to take action. If you want to earn more money, work towards that new job to take action. These things can only ever take place or change if you take steps to make it happen.


  1. Smile More

A very small but effective step that you can take is to smile more. Go ahead, smile. When you smile, you instantly feel happier. Why? Science! When you’re happy you smile. It’s a natural reaction. But guess what, if you choose to smile now, you also get those same happy feelings. Smiling is an incredible way to perk your mood and instantly feel positive when you need to the most.

  1. Exercise

You know that you need to exercise to stay healthy, but did you also know that you can exercise to boost your mood too? That’s right, exercise can work wonders for your mental health and your disposition overall. By choosing to work out, you can cut your stress, cut through that negativity, and physically feel so much more positive. It’s a great feeling, so try it out.

  1. Fuel Your Energy

And finally, you’re also going to want to make sure that you’re always feeding into your positivity. From the foods that you eat to fuel your body and get energy, to the quality of sleep that you have, and how you even choose to spend your time, you can fuel your energy. And you need to make sure that you’re working with your positivity levels to keep them flowing, and not disrupt the flow.

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Revealed: The Biggest Threats You’ll Face When Driving

We’ve spoken at great length about the importance of driving safely when you’re in control of a car. Generally speaking, if you’re a safe driver that always watches the roads, and pays attention to all the signs and road laws, then you’ll avoid loads of bad situations. Saying that there are still loads of different things on the roads that are out of your control. These are by far and away the biggest threats to your safety. What threats am I talking about? You’ll find out in just a few seconds…

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Wet/Icy Conditions

The weather plays a huge role in your safety on the roads. Ideally, we’d love to drive around in dry conditions all the time. A dry road is a safe road, offering ample tire grip, and giving us 100% control of our car. But, when the road is very wet – or worse, icy – it makes life harder behind the wheel. Tires have less grip, we have less control, and accidents can happen.

If you’re not careful, you can end up in a heap of trouble on a wet/icy road. There are two things you can do here. Firstly, lower your speed and take things slow. It’s easier to maintain control when you’re driving at a lower speed. Secondly, think about changing your tires to ones that a more suitable for the conditions, particularly in ice.

Other Drivers

For me, this is the most frustrating thing about driving. No matter how careful you are, and how hard you try to be a safe driver, you can’t account for everyone else on the road with you. As it mentions on www.crowelllawoffices.com, most accidents are caused by negligent driving that wasn’t your fault. This means you could be doing everything by the book, having a nice safe drive, and then from out of nowhere another car comes, and rear ends you.

It’s tough to come up with ways in which you can handle this as it’s mainly out of your control. You can’t get other people to drive sensibly, so your best bet is to focus on your own driving. Again, just be more aware of what’s around you or in front of you. At the very least, this might help you slam the brakes on and avoid an accident when a driver recklessly pulls out in front of you or something.

Debris On The Roads

Last but not least, there could be debris on the roads getting in your way and causing incidents. This could be a fallen tree, a box, a shopping cart; anything. When something is on the road that you don’t expect to be there, it can force you to slam on the brakes or swerve quickly out the way.

The best way to deal with this is to revert back to a previous article I wrote about diligent driving. In it, I mentioned the importance of always watching the road and monitoring your speed. Combine these two things, and you’ll see debris before it sneaks up on you, and be driving slow enough to deal with it.

My whole purpose of this article is to show you a few of the threats on the roads that aren’t in your control. By knowing this, you should be better placed to deal with them.

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