Can You Really Run A Supercar On A Budget? (The Answer Is Yes)

Ask a petrol head what they would like to drive and the answers will range from Ferrari to Lamborghini. No one wants a Nissan per-say, but they are quite attractive and affordable. And, that is the pertinent point to keep in mind: the cost. Supercars are sexy and fast and desirable, yet they are out of most people’s budget and that is a sticking point.

But, what if there is a way to own a car that will make your neighbour’s eyeballs bleed and it didn’t break the bank?

Of course you’d be interested, but it isn’t true. Well, that isn’t entirely the case.

Set A Figure

A Bugatti will cost a cool half a million dollars, which is an astonishing amount. Ferraris aren’t much cheaper at a quarter of a million, while Porsches and Lambos are six-figure sums too. It seems that all supercars are unattainable yet it isn’t true as some only have four zeros at the end. Take the 911, the German manufacturer’s iconic model. Today, a newer version can cost as little as $40,000. Sure, you won’t have it lying around the house, but the number is a hell of a lot smaller than $500,000. You can pick up an Audi R8 for the same price.

Choose A Runner

What this means is that you want to pick a car that is reliable. Sadly, supercars are known for breaking down and costing their owners a small fortune. The last thing you want to do is go balls out and then realize the auto repair expenses are too high. As always regarding reliability, pick a German car. So, their PR department is working overtime currently, but it doesn’t mean a Porsche is going to break down. On average, the life of a car can last as long as 250,000 miles. The Japanese also have a solid reputation, too.

Back To The Future

Fuel efficiency is another expense that can break the bank if you are not careful. Supercars are notorious for guzzling gas and spitting it out in toxic fumes and it’s not good for your bank balance. The price of fuel is rising around the world as fossil fuel resources deplete, which is a bummer. Burning petrol is not the answer, but using electricity is a fine solution. Tesla is the market leader at the moment, with traditional manufacturers hot in pursuit. Choosing a hybrid or a fully electric engine like a Roadster is a fantastic way to be current and own a badass motor.

Try Second-Hand

The idea of owning a supercar is to show off to the whole of the neighbourhood. However, you do need to have the money to floss and not care about the costs. For those that can’t buy a car without checking their bank balance, a used model is an option. Lots of owners get rid of their toys and replace them with new, in vogue alternatives, leaving perfectly good wheels to rust. Not only is the right one cheap but reliable, too.

Do you want to own a supercar? Hopefully, you’ll be four steps closer.

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