Simple Steps to Better Manufacturing Quality

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Good business owners do whatever they can to improve quality of their goods and services, boost their bottom and reduce waste. A big part of this, for businesses that manufacture goods, at least, is to continuously work towards improving manufacturing quality.

If you run a business that manufactures and sells goods and you aren’t working to improve manufacturing quality at the moment, you should start now, and here are some steps to help you with that:

Use Teamwork

If you want the overall quality of your manufacturing to improve, you really do need to get your employees working together as one big team. It’s all well and good having good individual employees with excellent individual skills, but if they aren’t able to integrate with others and find ways of merging their skills to make processes more efficient and quality better, it’s pretty useless. So, ensure that every member of your team knows the whole picture and that they have plenty of opportunities to get together and discuss processes and issues.

Look at the Product as a Customer

If you want to increase your product’s quality, so that it will sell more, you really do need to look at it with the eyes of a consumer. Think about what a consumer would use your product for and how it could be made better. Hudson did this when they created their Heavy Duty Caster Ball Transfers, which made it easier for other manufacturers to move heavy loads with ease; Ray-Ban did it when they started making their foldable aviators which are easier to carry; and Ecostatic did it when they made their post-it notes reusable to save their customers’ money and reduce weight. You need to find your way of doing it and approaching manufacturing as a consumer is the way to do that.

Make the Cost of Defects Known

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One thing that really helps defects to be ironed out in manufacturing, thus reducing costs and increasing sales, is working out the cost of fixing a defect once it’s gone to market and making this known to all employees. When they know just how expensive the costs of replacing goods, honoring warranties and limiting damage done to the company’s reputation can be, they’ll be more on the ball and better at catching problems earlier on – after all, their jobs depend on the success of the products they create, and they all know that.

Use the Best Tools and Materials

It should go without saying, but as a company that relies on manufacturing, you really should be investing in the best quality tools and materials to do the job you require. It might save you some upfront to buy inferior products, but it’ll save you money in reduced wastage and increased sales in the long-term, not to mention the fact that your products will be looked upon as some of the best in their niche, making the investment a worthwhile one.

Enforce Consistency

You need to be flexible in manufacturing, but one aspect of discipline you should never let slack is in the area of consistency. Your staff must be compelled to work consistently to ensure that all of your products are made as effectively, efficiently and well as possible.

Do you work in manufacturing? How do you keep the quality of your processes, and therefore products, high?

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