Caring For Your Elderly Parents: Don’t Get Overwhelmed


The day will come when our parents will no longer be able to drive around. They won’t be able to climb the stairs, or walk the dog, or maybe even prepare their own food. As sad of a thought it is, it’s important to prepare yourself for it, because unfortunately, it’s inevitable – it’s just part of life.

It may become your job to make sure that they are looked after and comfortable for the last stages of their lives.

There are many things to consider, including options such as high quality in-home care, but here are some of the most important pieces of advice.

Love your health care services.

When you arrive at this phase of life, your best friends will be the ones who are helping you and your parents. Anyone from the social worker, physical therapist, cleaner, doctor, nurse, and even that caring neighbor that brings round that delicious peach pie. – Whoever is involved in your lives, you will want to make sure they are all uplifting and have positive thoughts, because that’s what’s needed at a time like this. So anyone that does enter your life for the better, keep hold of them. Let them know how much you appreciate them, and hope they stick around.

Ask for help.

As much as you may like to do everything yourself, especially as they’re your parents, sometimes it’s just no longer possible. The stress itself of having to be on the ball all the time while juggling your own life and responsibilities like work, can all become too much to deal with, and you may end up making yourself ill, and if that happens, you won’t be able to care for your parents anyway. It may be time to find an affordable home care where they will get all the care they need while taking the stress off yourself. There are plenty out there; you just need to find the right one that works for you both.

Depend upon your spouse.

Sometimes, your parent may seem to have more of a connection with your other half than you. This is never a nice feeling, and can hurt a little, but it’s never out of bitterness. Usually, this happens because your parents don’t want to put all of their baggage on you, or bring you down, or feel like a burden – even if you’d welcome it. If this is the case, let it happen. If your other half is happy to do so, use this to your advantage, and just be there with them.

Protect your emotions.

The only other people that know how to play on your emotions more than you, is your parents. It’s very wise to do all you can to protect these in as many ways as possible so your parents can’t find them. Of course, you may not be having any problems with your parents, but every now and then it can get rather heated because there’s a lot of anger and frustration up in the air, and sometimes your parents may push certain boundaries to cause a reaction. Don’t let this happen.

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