How to Keep Down Household Costs: Good Cheap Furniture

You’ve found your first home or apartment, or you need to replace some old furniture. You go to a furniture store and those prices just blow your mind!

Well, there is another solution. Go to Wal-Mart, or Target. Or Big K. Or any other super center type store. In their “furniture” department, you’ll come across some much cheaper alternatives, namely, “do-it-yourself-assembly” furniture. That’s right! Before you reject the idea, take a good look in this part of the store, as they will usually have already assembled models on display.

Most of the items I have in my place are just this type of furniture! This includes a dresser, night stand, combination magazine holder/table with built-in lamp, a TV table with built-in DVD and videotape storage with space for a DVD player, and numerous bookcases.  Here’s some things about this type of furniture that you’ll want to know:

1. The cost is much less than comparable “ready-made” items in a furniture store. My dresser was around $70 and the most expensive do-it-yourself-assembly piece I have.  A ready-made dresser of similar size from a furniture store may have been at least $200.

2. Much of this furniture includes smaller sizes, which can be ideal for small homes and apartments.

3. Though you do have to assemble it yourself, I’ve found that the instructions are easy to follow and the pieces come together quite well, making for a sturdy and functional piece of furniture when completed. Often assembly requires no tools and takes less than an hour to assemble, sometimes much less.

4. The materials are quality made. Most of my pieces are over 8 years old and show no signs of wear or deterioration.

5. Though sturdy, strong, and solid when assembled, this furniture is also quite light, once assembled, and therefore easier to move around when you want to rearrange things or move out to a new place.

Another point to consider, especially if your place is small, is to stay away from big, bulky furniture. I have what is called a “Glider” chair with a matching ottoman in my living room. It takes up much less space than a big bulky recliner and reclines as well, with the same amount of comfort. And cost much less!

So, furnishing your place doesn’t have to bust your bank account or make your abode seem overstuffed.

If you like what you’ve read, please comment and let others know of this site!

Good luck with your new furniture, and thanks for reading! 🙂

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