Family Road Trip: 4 Tips For A Smooth Ride

Family going on vacation

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Going on a break with the family is a must for most people. Taking time to seek out new terrains and get to know new horizons with the kids in tow is a big part of adding experience to life. Piling the family into the car and heading out is a great way to follow a trail to new adventures, but being stuck in a car with family at close quarters can cause squabbling to an extreme and make an adventure feel useless.


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Planning is the key to the perfect family road trip and it’s got to start with how you travel. Some families love to hire a huge recreational vehicle like this one to get their family around. The space and comfort – not to mention, the toilet – can make such a difference to the journey. Not being confined to five seats and bags is a glorious feeling and an RV can change that. Alternatively, plan your mode of transport based on what you plan to do. If you’re heading into the mountains and valleys for hiking, paragliding and skiing fun, then getting into an off-road vehicle like a Ford Ranger is going to change the game and give you every comfort you need as you go off those regular roads and into new terrains. Road trips don’t have to be a stressful affair, and we’ve got four tips to make it work for your whole family.

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  1. Activities. Depending on the age of the kids, the fun they have in the car is going to differ. Teenagers may well be happy to sit back with their headphones in, watching the world go by as they listen to the latest tracks. Little children are a whole other kettle of fish. They need interaction and entertainment, from car games like these to portable DVD players to keep them entertained. Babies are always easier, as they tend to sleep on long car journeys and can make life easy!
  2. Time. As a family, you know that timing is going to matter the most. Trying to plan to get to school on time is hard enough, never mind a full road trip. Mark on a map all the toilets and rest stops, and mark down how long you want each stop to last. Once you’ve done that, stick to it! Allow extra time for traffic, but not for choosing candy on the road!
  3. Make It Interesting. Kids are easily bored on the road, and adults are, too! Making those rest stops interesting ones and not just the local gas station can make such a difference. Plan your journey to include interesting towns and tourist spots!
  4. Plan Surprises. Keep a bag with you in the front of the car full of little treats and goodies so that during car games, you have prizes. These little gifts can change the atmosphere in the car during boring periods and make it fun.

Your road trip doesn’t have to be a disaster; careful planning and treats see to that!

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