Career Choices For Detail-Orientated People



Do you find yourself focusing on the small things?


Do you have the motivation to pick up discrepancies, the kind that other people might miss?


Do you delight in the fine print, able to identify issues before they happen?


If you can answer a resounding “yes” to all of the above, then chances are you’re a detail-orientated person. This has its frustrations, there’s no doubt. When you’re always noticing small details, then you can be distracted from everything else. While everyone else is delighting in the latest hit TV show episode, you’re finding yourself puzzling over a small plot hole that the writers left unanswered. It can even be irritating that other people don’t quite have the same level of focus to the small-scale that you do.


However, on the whole, being detail-orientated is a blessing rather than a curse. When it comes to choosing career options, your detail-hungry brain is always going to be seen as an asset by employers. That means you’re going to be able to pick and choose the industries you want to work in – but which might be the best suited to your personality?


Option 1: Medical Coder


A biller/coder in the medical field is responsible for compiling invoices and dealing with insurance details. On the surface, it sounds like basic-level accounting stuff – but you couldn’t be more wrong.


The reason that a biller/coder needs to be able to focus on details is the sheer amount of data they need to process. If a patient is admitted to the ER, then has a scan, then moves to a ward for treatment – that’s three different departments you’re going to need to pull information from. You then have to compile it along with the required legislation; and there’s no room for errors. It’s perfect for someone like you, who focuses on the small details that others might miss.


Option 2: Project Management


Project management is a task that many people would feel they can turn their hands to, but for those who do it as a profession, it’s an entirely different world. Pro project managers have to be able to identify problems before they happen; liaise with different teams of people; and see how to bring them all together.


The smallest slip, and you can doom a project. But you’re a details person – there’s no way you’re going to be making any slips. It’s high pressure, but it’s high reward too.


Option 3: Mental Health Counselling


This one might sound a little out of left field – but it makes more sense if you think of mental health treatment as a science rather than an art. Identifying the source of someone’s issues requires a lot of focus on their past; being able to remember small details; extrapolate meaning from off-handed comments that they might not even have realized were relevant to their current situation. If you’re able to focus on the details with ease, then this is a job you might just be perfect for.


While there’s plenty of job opportunities for those who thrive on details, the above three might be the best possible fits you can imagine.

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