Getting Your Head In The Game When Working From Home

A lot of people will make the assumption that those who work at home are naturally lazier and less productive. However, studies show that having a home office can actually make you more engaged and efficient. Only if you can avoid some of the landmines that might otherwise cause you to spend whole days unproductively. Here, we’ll look at how you join those lucky souls who are able to not only make working from home work but make it the better choice for you.


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Prepare properly in the mornings

Sitting up in your bed, in your pajamas and pulling your laptop over might sound like a cozy way to work. But the novelty wears off very quickly. If you don’t have a proper start to the day, it can be difficult to retain your focus in the mornings. Have a proper routine. Wake up, wash, eat, workout. Give yourself some breathing room before diving into work.

Set some ground rules

To make sure you’re productive, you need some rules regarding how you spend your time. Make your office a no-electronic-communication zone. Any phone, social media, or web usage must be solely business based. Make sure you’re not distracted from the outside, too. Your family can’t come and bother you every fifteen minutes. You need to eliminate those distractions.

Tidy and organize your space

Your workspace can be just as distracting too. A cluttered space is a cluttered mind, so take the time every day to tidy up any clutter you have. If you find your notes overflowing on your desk, sort through them and decide which need to be kept. Give those ones pride of place by organizing them on a corkboard.

Don’t let aches and pains take over

Being uncomfortable and in pain during and after work is an easy way to lose all semblance of engagement or enjoyment with your job. For one, get detailed information on ergonomic furniture that helps you avoid the risk of repetitive strain injury from staying sedentary. Take a five-minute break a few times throughout the day to get up and move around. Then make sure your computer is positioned close to a window with plenty of access to natural light so you’re not fighting eyestrain.

Know how to unwind

At the end of the day, you need to have a formal cut-off point for when you do work. Don’t keep answering emails throughout the day or checking in on the business outside of your work hours. Make sure you have plenty of time in the evenings away from work, too. Working too late can seriously impair your sleep, which will have negative repercussions throughout your business and personal life. Know when to stop working or it will take over your life.

It’s all about work-life balance and how you create it. From creating a specific start and end to your work day to making sure that your work environment doesn’t impact your health. Do that and you’ll find it significantly easier to stay plugged in for the day.

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