How to Overcome Home Sickness When Living Overseas

We have all felt the pangs of homesickness, the yearning for the familiarity and security of a space that we have each, in some way, fashioned for ourselves. During a period of change, it is natural to have feelings like these. Even if you have discovered the ideal location for your new home, it is possible to still experience feelings of homesickness after moving to a new location. These emotions can range from dread and anxiety to despair and even wrath.

Some people just have a general sense of depression, as though they have lost control over their formerly dependable surroundings. It is normal to experience homesickness after moving to a new location because human beings are at their happiest when they are following regular routines and are surrounded by things that are familiar to them.

After moving to a foreign country, one of the challenges that accompanies this transition is dealing with feelings of homesickness.


Acknowledge and accept the feelings

The persistent thought about home, one’s motherland, one’s favourite cuisine, and other aspects of one’s everyday life is the defining characteristic of homesickness. This is what happens as a direct consequence of being kept apart from your home in some fashion. How, then, can you know if the terrible feelings you are experiencing are due to homesickness or to something else entirely?

After moving to a new location, you may experience feelings of homesickness as a result of the following four factors. To begin, there is a feeling of unfamiliarity that originates from the new surroundings. This feeling is accompanied by a sensation of unease. Second, give some thought to how you feel about the new experience or the new location. The third possibility is that the characteristics that make up your personality are ineffectual when it comes to new significant encounters. And last but not least, there is the mental preparation for going somewhere unfamiliar.

Acknowledging that you are experiencing homesickness is the first step in finding a solution to the problem. If you have accomplished this, you will be able to accept the situation for what it is and move on to take preventative measures to solve the problem.

Get out there and move around!

The feeling of homesickness will only get more intense with isolation. Your new home may feel like a safe haven from the strange and unfamiliar surroundings, but it can also easily become an enclosure that prevents you from fully experiencing all that is wonderful around you. Despite the fact that your new home may feel like a safe haven from the strange and unfamiliar surroundings, Take the initiative to leave the house on a daily basis and engage in activities related to the new setting.

Explore the neighborhood on foot by going to the nearby restaurants, and sights, or just taking a stroll around. Find out about events happening in the area, such as Bangkok events, for example.  Try taking up a new interest that requires you to communicate with others in the real world. 

In general, feeling homesick is a perfectly normal emotion. Finding healthy ways to cope with the feelings you experience might make you a happier person overall. 

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