How Food Can Affect Your Teeth (& What To Do About It)

It’s fair to say that food and drink can have a huge impact on your teeth and oral health as a whole, yet many people are totally unaware of the different risks and dangers that can come from their diet. 

Thankfully, this informative guide aims to teach you all you need to know about the way food and drink can impact on your teeth and oral health, as well as what you can do to combat these side effects sooner rather than later. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to discover more!

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Lots of different food items can be detrimental for your teeth and oral health, but sugar is often the worst culprit. Sugar can lead to cavities and countless other issues that make it tough to maintain great oral hygiene, and overconsumption of sugar can even lead to tooth decay and eventual tooth loss if left unchecked. Other foods that have a strong color can also cause problems for your teeth. Things like tomato ketchup and even soy sauce can encourage staining on your teeth, making them change color over time if you fail to clean them properly. You may also find that cold foods such as ice cream can cause problems for your teeth, as those with sensitivities often feel excruciating pain when consuming sub-zero foods. 


Many drinks can lead to tooth problems, and unfortunately it tends to be the most popular beverages that have the worst impact. For example, coffee and red wine can cause severe staining when consumed repeatedly, encouraging your teeth to take on a totally different color. High sugar drinks such as milkshakes or fruit smoothies can have the same cavity-encouraging impact as high sugar foods, too. Even alcoholic beverages like vodka can be detrimental to your oral health, as they may have a particularly high or low pH that upsets your mouth’s natural environment. Some foods can actually help your teeth, too. 


So, what can be done about these harmful foods and drinks besides avoiding them altogether? Well, one of the best solutions is to keep a water bottle and a packet of sugar free gum inside your bag, as this combination can help to clean your teeth on the go after you’ve eaten or drank any of the items listed above. Brushing your teeth thoroughly and swilling with mouthwash afterwards if you’re at home will be a better solution, but this isn’t always possible. If you do notice that you are experiencing oral health issues from your diet, then get in touch with an expert immediately. If you have discoloration then you can get expert tooth whitening, or if you lose a tooth then you can benefit from implant supported dentures. There are lots of solutions that you can make the most of, so don’t fret if you find yourself experiencing dental trouble. 

Learning about how your diet can impact on your oral health will help you to make the best decisions in the future. Good luck in your quest to take gear care of your teeth!

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