4 Ways to Maintain Healthy Teeth

Caring for our teeth is not just about making them look healthy, it is also about keeping them physically healthy. The early signs of tooth decay are not always visible to the naked eye, which is why dentists will x-ray your mouth to check. Any prodding will check for loose teeth, and they will also be looking for mouth cancer.

We should not delay going to the dentist when it is so easy nowadays to schedule an appointment. For instance, dentists, such as the team at dentfixTurkey will help us with all kinds of dental treatment, from preventing tooth decay to improving the look of teeth that have been neglected in the past.

Regular Brushing

When possible, we should brush our teeth after every meal. This will stop the build-up of food that might start attacking our enamel, especially if they are the wrong foods that we are eating. Foods that risk decay will be those containing lots of sugar, such as biscuits, chocolate, or ice cream. We do not need to completely avoid our treats as long as we brush to compensate and eat them in moderation.

Also, remember to regularly swill your mouth out with water to wash away foods or sticky substances that stay on teeth or go in-between them. Regular tooth brushing and flossing can be considered preventative and is a good habit to get into from an early age.

Regular Visits to the Dentist

There is no substitute for regular visits to the dentist to check that we are doing a good job of maintaining our teeth healthily. It can be a preventative action on our part or a restorative one when decaying teeth require removal.

Cosmetic dentistry makes people feel good about themselves, so it can be added to the list of things that will improve a person’s mental health.

Ensure that you always book in advance with your dentists to ensure that there is an appointment slot fixed for you. This will help you to keep to the six-month schedule that you should stick to for

regular check-ups. Putting it off might mean that you run the risk of neglecting a tooth that the dentist could have filled and instead end up requiring an extraction.

Dental treatments have come a long way in recent years and are far less noticeable. For example, we can now have white fillings that will hardly be noticed. It is better than needing to have a whole tooth removed to leave an unsightly gap that then needs dealing with.

Tooth-Friendly Foods

Stick to only tooth-friendly foods where the sugar contents are low or non-existent. We can now buy low-sugar drinks, so should seek these out. They might seem tasteless at first, but you can get used to anything once you have left the unhealthy alternatives behind.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments can be considered a double-edged sword because they prevent tooth decay yet can cause tooth staining. On balance, it is better to have tooth staining because a dentist can more easily deal with whitening your teeth through laser treatment. The solution for losing a tooth will mean needing a false one implanted or one that is attached to a plate. Someone can, of course, have several false teeth fitted if needs be. A plate of false teeth is, however, inconvenient at times.

There we have it, four healthy ways to maintain teeth and the solution of the dentist as our ally too.

There is no disputing the fact that regular brushing will keep your teeth from decaying. The more often you can manage it after meals, the better.

Avoid missing dental appointments as these are important for detecting tooth decay and mouth cancer, for cleaning teeth thoroughly as a preventative measure, and to help our look cosmetically.

We can help our tooth health by eating more of the foods that are tooth-friendly and less of those that are not. The main thing is to stay clear of sugary foods, and indeed drinks containing sugar, as much as you can.

Fluoride treatments can help with tooth decay if not tooth staining. But then, that is something cosmetic dental surgery can easily deal with through the use of effective laser treatment.

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