Slow, Steady, and Sunny: the Most Relaxing Outdoor Hobbies

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There’s so many different benefits of getting outside; it can reduce stress, make you feel at one with nature, and it can you give you that sense of perspective that will stop you from sweating the small stuff, but if you you need to find the right outdoor hobbies that bring about a sense of calm here are some of the most beneficial that you can do in the great outdoors.


While you may not be someone who is keen on hunting animals, which is absolutely fine, the fact is that while lots of people view hunting as a way of life and are full to the brim with accessories like hunting game bags and weapons, but you can take a step back and purely enjoy the experience of hunting because it takes you out into nature and it forces you to slow down. People that go hunting need to tread carefully because they don’t want to scare the animals, and having to slow down your steps, your breathing, and everything to a snail-like pace means that you will feel calmer in yourself.


It is one of those tried and tested tactics. Gardening is an amazing tool for your mental health. In fact, there are plenty of groups online that talk about how gardening has improved their mental health, especially since the pandemic. There’s something incredibly fulfilling about contributing to nature and being able to see the fruits (or vegetables) of your labor develop. There’s, of course, the physical benefits of gardening, but if you are looking for a way to stem some of your anxieties, gardening is key because you have to absorb yourself in a number of different practices, which is an amazing distraction tactic, but it also allows you to be outside and experience those benefits as well.


The great thing about photography is that you don’t have to showcase any skills to benefit from it. It’s a very rewarding hobby that you can gradually learn over time. It forces you to get outside, but it also means that you start to expose yourself to the great wide world. When you start looking at life through a lens, you will see nature, industry, urban landscapes, and everything in a whole new light. Sometimes we don’t stop to truly absorb what is around us, which is why the benefit of a camera gives you a real understanding of what you can do to live a better existence. Yes, we all have cameras on our phones, but you could invest in your own DSLR and incorporate photography into some of your favorite activities, such as if you go hiking.


If you are impatient, we thoroughly recommend you give fishing a try! Having the time on your hands to get through that initial board and phase and to actually slow down and ease yourself into the luxury of doing nothing is unlike anything else. What’s more, the ambient sounds of trickling water and wildlife can help you to slow down. And of course, there is the little act of fishing itself. Whether you like fishing or not, it really doesn’t matter, because it will help you relax.

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