Reduce Home Heating Costs With These Free Ideas

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You’ll find lots of articles helping you lower the cost of home heating. Some of them are good, but a lot of them annoy me. Why? Because you’re given loads of ideas or tips that require fairly dramatic investments. 

For example, experts tell you to install solar panels so your home runs on renewable energy. Or, they suggest upgrading your windows or installing more insulation on your roof. All of these are cool and effective ideas, but they can cost thousands of dollars to implement. Sure, you see savings in the long run, but you have to depart with a lot of cash right now!

What I’m interested in is how you reduce home heating costs NOW without spending any extra cash. Can it be done? Yes, and here are some ideas to try that are easy to implement and completely free: 

Dress for cold weather indoors

The reason so many people spend a fortune on heating costs is that they dress inappropriately at home. You might not like someone telling you to dress a certain way, but it’s worth it if you want to save money. Of course you’ll be cold if you wear shorts and a t-shirt indoors! You’re going to turn your heating up if you walk around barefoot all the time. 

Instead, put on some extra layers to keep yourself warm. Chuck on a hoody, wear a long sleeve top under that and put some thick joggers on. Keep your feet warm with thermal socks for men or slippers – depending on what you’ve got in your drawers. If you don’t have either, just wear multiple pairs of socks! When you’re dressed for cold weather, you will feel less cold. This allows you to put the heating on less or at a lower temperature. 

Draw your curtains

Drawing your curtains is an easy way to get some free insulation. Obviously, you have to pay for curtains, but I’m assuming you already have them. If you don’t, drawing your blinds will have a similar effect. 

The idea is that this blocks cold air from the outside and prevents heat from escaping through your windows. If it’s cold, draw the curtains and lock in more heat! 

Use alternative heat sources

There are plenty of things around your house that double up as heat sources. If you have a natural fireplace, use that to heat your home and slash energy bills! Most of you won’t, so what else can you use as secondary heat sources?

When you cook, keep the oven open after. This is a simple hack that allows the heat from the oven to disperse in your home, acting as a mini heater. The same goes for when you shower; leave the bathroom door open slightly so the steam can escape and heat your home. Even candles have a slight heating effect if you light enough of them. Utilizing these things will decrease the demands on your heating system. 

See, it’s possible to reduce home heating costs without needing to spend a fortune or deal with big home renovations. Try these ideas out and see the instant impact.

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