5 Overlooked Issues That Can Indirectly Boost Your Productivity In Business & Life

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Becoming more productive is a goal shared by millions. After all, getting more done on a daily basis can help you achieve a better career and enjoy a better quality of life at home.

While it’s likely that you’ve already implemented several winning ideas, you’ve probably overlooked some too. Here are five common culprits. Give them the extra attention that they deserve, and your productivity levels should soar.

#1. Self Care

Whether you realize it or not, self care plays a huge role in your productivity levels. Therefore, building a self care strategy designed for entrepreneurs or busy workers is vital. Perhaps most importantly, you must get a good night’s rest as it will boost your energy levels and mood. Of course, it’ll help you retain a clearer state of mind too.

Besides, self-care will enhance your personal life. And it indirectly improves your relationship with work. As a happy worker or business owner, you will naturally become more productive.

#2. Avoiding Unscheduled Downtime

As an adult, you have a number of responsibilities to consider. In many cases, staying on top of situations by completing regular maintenance is the best way to avoid bigger problems later on. For example, using a mechanic to fix small vehicle faults can prevent the threat of roadside breakdowns. It’s far better to schedule repairs at a convenient time.

Similarly, you may want to put precautions in place at work, such as having backup power generators. The ability to keep life running smoothly is a truly incredible thing.

#3. Preventing Disruptions

Most people now need to carry their smartphone with them at all times. While it can facilitate important interactions, your device could be a source of major disruption. Using an app that puts a time restriction on social media time can be very useful. Likewise, turning off notifications can be a powerful way to supercharge your productivity.

As well as preventing distractions, using to do lists or setting time frames for individual tasks can work well. Once you develop winning habits, you’ll wonder how you previously survived.

#4. Ignoring The Role Of Your Support Network

We are influenced by the people around us. So, if you keep suffering from reduced productivity despite good intentions, you should address this. Positive and productive people will encourage you to keep working hard. Whether it’s in the gym or the office, this can help you build a better mindset. Not least because those people are your inspiration.

On a side note, hiring a PA or using outside services like a home cleaner can work wonders. It means you can invest your time on the most important tasks in your life.

#5. Perfectionism

It’s great that you want to do things well in life and business. However, there are many situations where you will benefit from just getting things done. A little planning is great, especially as there are many tools to help you do this. Still, finding a sense of balance will be vital for avoiding procrastination. And it will have a telling impact on your entire life.

You should always look for improvements. But if you only settle for perfection, it’s likely that nothing will ever get done. For that reason, dropping perfectionism is key.

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