Protecting Your Home Against Break-ins, Internally!

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Home invasions and break-ins are never a laughing matter, but it’s important to talk about them so we know how to prevent them with strength and reliability. 

When it comes to securing your home from intruders, the first thing that comes to mind is often high-tech gadgets, alarms, and cameras. These are important, but you’ve likely read advise for their use countless times before. There are several simple, yet effective ways to deter break-ins that don’t require an army of security personnel or an electronics degree. 

In this post, we’ll explore three easy ways to keep your home safe, sans the high-tech wizardry.

A Dog Is Man’s Best Friend

Sure, a dog can be man’s best friend – but they can also be a thief’s worst enemy! A “Beware of Dog” sign can go a long way in keeping burglars at bay. Remember – often it’s the bark that’s worth as much as the bite in this instance, and a very protective smaller dog can be just as effective as a trained German Shepard.

However, it can also be a worthwhile effort to find a dog with some size, enough so their presence is enough to deter anyone silly enough to try and break in, or to regret the day they did if they chose to do that.

Lighting Is Everything

Illumination is key when it comes to home security. Keep your house well-lit, especially during the evenings and nighttime if you’re not in. Use motion-sensor lights that turn on when anyone comes near your home also.

For added effect, install timers for your lights so that it looks like someone is always home, even when you’re out. As for those who are camera-shy, you can always use a fake security camera that’ll make any intruders think twice before breaking in. Thieves are hyper-aware of security systems like this thanks to them becoming cheaper, and the mere presence of one can tell them, in bright glowing letters – “NOT WORTH IT!”

Home Maintenance Also Counts

If you’re a fan of home décor, then this tip is right up your alley. A well-maintained home sends a message to potential intruders that someone is keeping an eye on things and won’t take kindly to any troublemakers.

Keep your lawn trimmed, your windows clean, and your doors in good condition. A well-maintained home not only adds to your home’s value, but it also sends a message to burglars that someone is keeping an eye on things and won’t take kindly to any troublemakers. A sticker in the window showing that you’re part of the local neighborhood watch scheme can showcase that people are looking at the property at all times – or at least that’s what a nervous thief might assume. Of course, this is just a perceptual measure, but it does count, and from there you can implement more stringent protections like Browning Safes for your most valuable of items. That in itself can benefit you more than you might realize.

With this advice, you’re sure to protect your home against break-ins, even if that approach can seem a bit intense to plan out and deal with. In the long run, we hope you can deter any chance of theft you may have experienced.

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