The Importance of Medical Research

Most of us know and understand that without medical research we wouldn’t have medical advancement. The technology that we have in medical centers and hospitals today compared to 50 years ago and compared to 100 years before that wouldn’t exist. The vaccinations we have, the tablets and the liquid medications we have, the IV medications we have, none of it would exist unless we had medical research that had been properly funded. 

Clinical trials are a big part of research that provides information about new treatments or new tests. Clinical trials are normally carried out to find out what or if there are any effects of drugs or procedures on the human body and usually, humans and animals are tested. Experts such as Hanid Audish DO can tell you all of the reasons we need medical research, but it’s important for everybody to understand that research is vital. It doesn’t matter your career field or your background, research is the key to better work. In medical research, we should be investing it in it as much as possible, and here’s why:

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  • We increase and improve quality of life when we research. Injectable medications and vaccines may be better for some people than tablet versions of medicines, but we won’t know that unless we research them properly. The backbone of any scientific or medical breakthrough is research, and none of the advanced treatments or the discoveries that save lives that are used to treat the patients today would be available if not for the intricate work carried out by researchers, doctors and scientists. With the right research, we can find out important facts that are connected to the subjects. There is vital research happening right now with regard to Alzheimer’s and dementia, and it wouldn’t be possible without people to stand in and be researched.
  • We build credibility with research. People are more willing to listen and trust somebody with new information on a condition that has been backed up by research and test subjects and groups of people that have tested products and medications. It goes without saying though, that research should always be focused on the best possible sources. It is super easy to poke holes in the data if the studies have not been carried out thoroughly or correctly enough. The only way you can publish is if your information has been checked and reinforced by those better than you in your field. There has to always be reliable data to back up any claims, and we saw this more through the pandemic than we have anywhere else.
  • For driving progress. Diseases that were once incurable are now curable and easily managed thanks to the research done by medical professionals and scientists. Before the 1930s, bacterial infections and things such as the flu had a much higher probability of death than they do today. Whilst we haven’t completely eradicated the flu, we have learned to predict it and anticipate its movements and develop medications to lessen the symptoms. Lives are being saved with fewer people dying of these diseases than ever before, but this wouldn’t be possible without the help of research. Antibiotics were discovered less than 100 years ago, which means that the biggest breakthrough in the medical field that has driven progress forward is still new.

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