How to Have More Belief in Humanity

You can’t blame people for having a less-than-positive view of humanity. After all, there are a lot of problems out there. However, while we may instinctively believe that the world is a bad place or that humanity is doomed, this doesn’t really play out with reality. Plus, it also creates something of a negative loop. If you think humanity is doomed, then you’ll act in ways that accelerate that doom. The world would be in much better shape if people had a more positive view of their own species. 

And we think that you can create that view yourself. How? We’ll take a look at a few tips below. 

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Seek Out Good News

Humans are hardwired to pay more attention to bad news than good news. In the past, the good news was a bonus — knowing bad news could save your life. It feels that, often, newspapers and other media outlets play on this quirk of evolution. How often do you see good news on television? But here’s the thing: that bad news is only a reflection of some of the world. It doesn’t tell the whole story. If you can focus on good news, then your perception of the world will begin to improve. And there really is good news out there. In fact, there are whole websites dedicated to it

Have Faith in Justice

If you were to focus solely on crime, then you’d have a pretty appalling view of the world. But crime is only one side of the coin. The other is the justice system, which though it’s not perfect, works much better than people often give it credit for. The Daniel Fung arrest, in which two people were arrested for murder, shows that while people are willing to do bad things, there are more people willing to do the right thing. Plus, it’s worth keeping in mind that the vast, vast majority of people don’t ever commit a crime and have no intention of doing so. 

People Watch

Not that you need to think about the big concepts to have a more positive view of the world. You can probably improve your view just by sitting down in a public place and people-watching. We’re all so busy in our lives that we form major judgments about the rest of the world without ever getting to know who’s out there. If you can sit and watch the world go by for a little while, then you’ll see that people aren’t so bad after all. In fact, they’re just like you. 

Remember, Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Finally, remember that while the world may not be a perfect place right now, that doesn’t mean that things aren’t getting better or that things won’t be perfect in the future. Humanity is improving in basically all the key areas, including education, healthcare, poverty, lifespan, and more. It takes a long time for people to really see and feel improvements. Have a little faith that the world is improving, and it just might. 

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