The Easy Way To Turn Your Home Into A Palace

Unsplash – CC0 License

We all want to live in more palatial homes. But actually making it happen is a challenge. It’s hard to make radical changes to your property, particularly when you consider issues surrounding planning permission and building codes. 

The truth, though, is that there are changes you can make to improve how your property feels on the inside. Here’s what you need to do:

Put Mirrors In Cramped Areas

Perhaps the easiest way to make bijou homes feel more like palaces is to put mirrors in cramped spaces. Mirrors reflect light, giving the illusion of size when you don’t have much to offer. 

The best mirrors are floor-to-ceiling. These reflect the maximum possible amount of light in your rooms, brightening them up immediately. 

Add DIY Built-In Furniture

Palaces often have built-in furniture. It’s a nice perk that lets you make the best possible use of the space. 

If you have a library, for instance, installing DIY built-in bookshelves is a great idea. This way, you can organize an abundance of tomes all in one place (instead of relying on mismatching shelving units randomly dotted around the room). 

You can do something similar in the bedroom, too. Adding a fitted closet makes it easy to take advantage of all the available space, particularly in attic bedrooms with low ceilings. 

Add Wall Cladding

Stately homes often pay a great deal of attention to wall cladding as a means to improve the appearance of rooms. Cladding helps to add a sense of prestige to rooms, making them more attractive. 

If you invest in premium wall cladding, be sure to also get home window tinting. This way, you can protect the walls from incoming sunlight which can potentially harm them long-term. 

Add Low-Cost Art To Your Walls

You don’t have to be an oligarch to afford great art. Today, there are thousands of budding artists, each putting incredible works of art out there that are affordable to regular homeowners

If you want an original painting, you’re looking at paying $500 or more. However, if you’re okay with a copy, then prices can be as low as $50. Essentially, you’re just paying for the print, with a small royalty going to the artist. 

Add Crown Molding To Every Room

Unsplash – CC0 License

Palaces and luxury homes invariably make use of crown molding, one of the most attractive ceiling embellishments around. 

In the past, artisans would craft crown molding through careful putty placement, creating beautiful patterns. Today, though, you can buy prefabricated moldings that you simply glue to the ceiling.

Fundamentally, molding is just plaster, so it is incredibly cheap. Adding it to all the ceilings in your home is actually an inexpensive task. And if you do it yourself, it’s virtually free. 

Remove All Of The Clutter

Lastly, you’ll want to remove all of the clutter from your home. Palaces never have clutter issues to deal with. They keep their floor plans clean and clear so that people can fully enjoy the space. 

So, which of these methods for turning your home into a palace will you try?

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