4 Signs That Your Car Needs Urgent Attention

4 Signs That Your Car Needs Urgent Attention 

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Just as humans require regular health checks, cars require regular maintenance to give off their best. Studies have shown that over 80% of drivers forego vehicular maintenance, which often shortens the lifespan of their vehicles, or destroys them altogether. If you’re new to the maintenance world, you might be overwhelmed with the ‘check engine lights’, constant car vibrations, or weird noises that come with putting your brakes on. To help make things easier, here are four signs that your car needs attention. 

  1. Puddles of colored fluid

The first thing to do when you notice a puddle of fluid beneath your car is to check the color. Anything apart from clear liquid might indicate that your vehicles need car service. Brake oil and fluid look black or brown, while your coolant might appear yellow or orange. The wiper fluid is blue, and the power steering fluid gives off a pink tint. All these fluids come together to ensure your vehicle operates at its maximum. Therefore, when there’s any leakage, it is better to see an automotive technician than wait until the worst happens.

  1. Consistent ‘check engine light’ blinking

You might have seen the ‘check engine light’ sign turn on once or twice, but might have missed the two different ways this happens. Sometimes, your engine light will turn on and remain steadily lit, or it might light up and start flashing. No matter the mode, your first action should be to have your car serviced. The blinking means your car needs immediate attention. It could be that your engine has misfired, and any use of the vehicle will lead to serious damages and expensive repairs. When the engine check light is steady, however, it means that while there’s an issue with your vehicle, it doesn’t require immediate attention. Avoid keeping that light on for an extended period by having your vehicle inspected and serviced as soon as possible. 

  1. Exhaust odors or smoke

Whenever your exhaust emits black smoke, it signals that there’s excess consumption of one fluid or the other, causing a failure within your engine. In addition to black smoke, you should look for gray, white, and blue smoke, as these can indicate serious damage to your engine. It’s best to stop the car, and don’t drive it until it has received automotive attention. 

  1. Knocking

Whenever you hear a knock from within your car, it’s best to seek immediate auto assistance. Knocking is usually your vehicle’s last resort to signal you of an issue before it gives up the ghost. When this sound starts, the first thing to do is turn off your engine to avoid excessive pressure on the car. Contact a skilled mechanic as soon as possible and have them fix the situation. 

No matter the sign your car offers, it is imperative that you act promptly, as your speed can determine whether or not your vehicle will ever offer excellent services after that. With vehicles, it’s always better to diagnose issues sooner rather than later. 

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