6 Ways to Get Your Child to Enjoy Reading

Children soak up information like a sponge, they’re fast learners, and usually have a solid sense of memory too. Even though children aren’t exactly fans of sitting, writing, and listening when it comes to learning, they are however major fans of getting active. The words “boring” and “learning” don’t need to go together. This is especially more apparent when it comes to reading. It‘s one of the best ways to allow a child to use their overactive imagination. 

Reading can get them into new topics, and feel as if they‘re transported. Plus, this is great for reading skills too. If you’re wanting to get your child to feel the love of learning, knowledge, and even reading for optimum child development, then there are some tips for you!

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Make an Exciting Library Visit

Children love to go to the library and they can spend hours browsing books and reading titles. But, as a parent, you want to make sure that they are not just reading the same book over and over again. So, how can you make their library visit more exciting? The best way is by introducing them to new genres of books. You can ask them what they like reading or show them some of your favorite children’s books.

You could also surprise them with a book that they didn’t know about. The best part is that your child will be so excited about their new discovery! Besides books, your local library can offer so much more! This can include activities like worksheets, reading to children, and DIY projects with children too.

Have a Reading Party at Home

Reading parties are a great way to get your children interested in reading. It is also a great way to bond with them as you read together. There are many benefits of having a reading party at home, such as:

-You can have more control over what books are read and how they are read,

-You can adjust the age level of the books according to your child’s reading level,

-It is a fun and interactive way for kids to learn new words and concepts,

-It is also an opportunity for parents to share their love of reading with their children.

Think of it as a miniature book club, where you can read to them, they can read to you, and all of you discuss the book.

Learn to Read Online

There is no limit to the endless amounts of things that children can learn online. It should come as no surprise that learning to become a better reader can be done via software. There is software, such as ABCMouse available, that can help your child learn to read and develop other skills as well. If your child already has a device you should make use of it and get them to learn online by using educational software. It is easy and convenient to learn from home. It could be a good idea for you to look into online school enrollment too, so be mindful of that.

Share Your Memories of the Great Books You’ve Read

Children love to emulate what their parents do, they honestly just love emulating adults in their lives that they look up to, and this includes teachers as well. Why not share some of your favorite (child-friendly) books with your kid. It can honestly be one of the best ways to get your child to want to read.

Intro a Book of Your Child’s Favorite Show, Game, or Movie

A lot of shows, movies, games, and beyond are usually based on books. Everyone knows that the original is way better as books and comics are going to add far more detail. So, why not introduce the book to them? It’s a way to get them to learn more details about their favorite media. Plus, it can be far more exciting as they’ll pick up on side stories or hints that they haven’t known about. The book is always the best version, so get them to read it!

Bring Your Child to an Author Event They’ll Love

Sometimes, schools will pay to have an author visit the school so they can talk about their book. This has helped kids learn about books or even learn about their favorite authors. If your child has a favorite book, why not scout out when the author will be on tour? These author events will read an excerpt of the book, do a signing, Q&A, and so much more. This can certainly be worth your while, so make sure you put this into consideration!

Visit the Library Together at Least Once a Month

Overall, if you want to get your child into reading more, then why not take them to the library once a month. Doing so will allow both of you to feel more connected in the community that the library offers. Libraries are cheap, sometimes just completely free. With the number of resources they offer, it can be astounding what can happen. From reading some of the best literature to learning about topics not taught in school, getting this opportunity is great.

So, these are some of the best ways to get your child into the world of reading. It may take time to get them into this, just make sure you don’t push at it. Children hate being forced to do things against their will. So open this up as an opportunity for them. 

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