3 Reasons You’re Getting Persistent Headaches

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There are very few people on this planet who deal well with headaches. Being in pain of any kind is rarely something you’re going to have any time for, and when it affects such a prominent part it’s all the worse. Headaches make it close to impossible to concentrate, can affect your sleep and your appetite, and will almost inevitably affect your mood in a negative way.

Of course, when a headache develops, it’s natural to wonder why it’s happening. Many of us will reach for some light painkillers to fight it off before we’ve even considered its source. But as we will see below, there are numerous potential reasons for your headache, and hopefully the information featured here will allow you to take the most effective precautions to prevent and reduce pain.

A necessary disclaimer…

It would not be reasonable to talk about the causes of headaches – which are, in the vast majority, benign – without mentioning that they can be caused by more serious health conditions. If you have a persistent headache that comes back over the course of days, particularly if it’s a dull ache that is worse in the morning and/or evening, get it checked out by a doctor ASAP. There are many entirely benign reasons even for a headache like this, but these are among the most common hallmarks of a brain tumor (which may, itself, be benign).

TMJ disorder

Misalignment of your bite, a missing tooth, or regular tooth-grinding can all be signs of a condition affecting the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which can have far-reaching effects. TMJ disorder can cause acute jaw and neck pain, and is also often responsible for cluster headaches. An appointment with the likes of Morgan Dental can fix the problem and clear up these common headaches, which can be severe enough to cause nausea and extreme tiredness.


We’re regularly told to make sure we are drinking enough water, but many of us still don’t get our recommended daily allowance. Occasionally, our bodies will become annoyed enough at the absence of hydration that they decide to remind us in the form of a headache. We’ll usually have a side order of nausea and dry mouth with these headaches, and they will often be quite persistent and located on one side of the head or in the back of the neck. The quickest way to get rid of them is to drink water, unsurprisingly, and it may help if you add an electrolyte to help replenish any lost compounds the body may be crying out for.

Rebound headaches
You may be experiencing headaches as a result of the withdrawal of something you had previously been putting into your system. Common examples of this are pain-killing medication or caffeine, which have a chemical impact on your system and, when that effect is removed, can trigger a headache. If you’ve recently given up coffee, the chances are you’ll experience rebound headaches for a couple of days. Similarly, if you’ve been treating pain with medication for a number of days, these headaches can come on as the medication wears off. It is recommended to apply a cold compress, stay hydrated and rest until they go away.

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