Career Mistakes You Should Never Make

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If you want to get ahead and climb the career ladder, then not only do you need to do your best to work hard and get results but there are a number of very common career mistakes that you should try not to make too.

Below are some of the biggest career mistakes that could hold you back, so avoid making them if you want to have a long, fulfilling, and lucrative career.

Assuming your job will never change

If you assume that your job role will always remain static, you could be in for a shock. We have never seen so much progress technologically speaking, and this has led to so many jobs changing significantly or even becoming obsolete.

That means, if you want to stay relevant and progress in your career, you need to foster a mindset of continuous development and stay up to date with any changes in your sector.

Lying about your experience

It can be tempting to tell lies about your experience or your abilities, but it is rarely a food idea because, more often than not, you will be found out and it will not be looked upon favorably, It’s one thing to recreate a lost transcript using this college transcript maker but completely different to, for example, edit it to say you went to medical school when you did not. Such a lie could be downright dangerous and you could end up in a whole lot of trouble, not to mention out of a job.

Sure, present your skills and qualifications in the best light possible, but don’t downright make them up.

Pixabay – CCO Licence

Not actively pursuing promotions

If you want to climb the career ladder, you cannot afford to be passive. You need to get out there and actively put yourself forward for promotions even if you don’t think you will stand a chance. If you simply turn up to work every day and hope to be noticed, there is every chance you won’t be and you will still be waiting patiently for promotion in five years’ time.

Not networking

Networking is not something you can do once and then forget about when you have landed the role you were after. If you want to be successful in your career, you need to meet as many people who can offer you as many opportunities as possible and you need to make this a regular part of your life. Sure trade shows and conferences can be a drag, but think of them as being part of your job rather than a fun time, do your best to be charming and you will undoubtedly open more doors that way.

Burning your bridges

You may hate your current boss or think your colleagues are the worst, but when you leave for a new role, don’t be tempted to tell them what you really think or burn your bridges in some other way that seems like a good idea at the time because you never know when you will meet them again. A colleague today could be a headhunter at another firm tomorrow and it pays to remember that.

Avoid these career mistakes and your working life will be so much better.

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