3 Smart Tips For Downsizing Your Home

3 Smart Tips For Downsizing Your Home

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People downsize for many reasons, including costs minimization. Available data suggest that homeowners aged 45 to 64 usually downsize their homes because they became empty-nesters or lost their employment and couldn’t keep up with mortgage payments. No matter which group you find yourself in, it is good to know how to downsize your home effectively. Below are some useful tips.

  1. Measure your new home space

Measuring your new home space lets you know what you are working with. Moreover, it will help you plan your new furniture arrangement to make your interiors look spacious and uncluttered. For example, if you have found 2 bedroom apartments for sale, it will be better to get the measurement to know what you’re bringing or leaving behind in the old house. 

In addition to taking measurements, it also helps to consider the new layout. The downsized home will help determine what things you need to move in there. In some cases, it also helps you decide whether to change large furniture for smaller ones. Once you complete this stage, you can then start the moving process.

  1. Take inventory of your belongings

Naturally, downsizing means you cannot move all the things you own in the bigger house to the smaller space. When you understand that from the onset, it becomes easier to do the rest of the things that ensure that you move into your downsized home without much hassle. Moreover, taking inventory offers an opportunity to select the salient things you will need in the new house. You may come across personal belongings you wish you had given out years ago but unfortunately didn’t.

The good thing about downsizing a home is that it creates the chance to take full stock of everything you own. Sometimes, you can decide to organize a yard sale to make extra money from the things you no longer need in a downsized home. You can also donate items you don’t need in a smaller space. Charities and several care homes around the country continue to call for donations to help their cause. Some people argue that owning a big house creates an emotional need to fill up the void or the extra space. And more often than not, it is believed that people do not usually need the things they buy to fill up a large home. However, for the sake of making it look and feel whole, homeowners resort to filling up the large space. Thankfully, downsizing does the exact opposite and takes care of clutter through that.

  1. Digitize and organize as you go 

While downsizing, it will help to keep things in order. This involves leaving spaces more organized than you met them and finding ways to compress your belongings. For example, do you still need that bookshelf dedicated to receipts and other paper documents? If not, then you may be wondering what you would do with all those documents. So what do you do? For starters, you can go digital. This means you can scan all your receipts and other documents and save them on cloud storage. You get to sift through those documents that can be shredded or burned through this.

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