3 Tips for Finding a Career with Purpose

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When it comes right down to it, it’s probably fair to say that just about every single person would like to have a career that seems to come with a sense of purpose and deeper meaning to them.

Unfortunately, great numbers of people in the world today find themselves in an altogether different – and less positive – situation, living something more like the “lives of quiet desperation” described by Henry David Thoreau centuries ago.

If you feel like your day job is simply a grind that wears you down, and that feels totally devoid of meaning and purpose, finding ways to step into a career that helps you to experience a significantly greater sense of purpose can be very empowering and uplifting.

Here are some tips for finding a career with purpose.

Think of your higher order values – what sort of career would help to serve those?

A major component in whether or not a given career path seems purposeful to you, is your higher order values as a whole.

Ultimately, you need to ask yourself what it is you really care about in life, what kind of person you want to be, and what values, principles, and priorities you have and would like to embody in your life to the greatest possible extent.

When seeking out a “purpose-driven” career, you need to ask yourself whether the career will contribute positively to your higher order values, and whether it will align with those.

It might be, for example, that medical malpractice attorneys strike you as having careers that align with your underlying value for helping others. Or, it may be that an important value if you is to be a good communicator – in which case certain customer service roles maybe just up your alley.

Learn to fall in love with your work and to find meaning in whatever it is you do

While there will certainly always be careers that you find naturally more meaningful and purposeful than others, one of the most important features of people who have careers that they find deep purpose and meaning in, is that they look for the meaning and purpose that’s already there in whatever it is they do.

Just about any job that you might have is likely to have a deeper and more significant purpose associated with it, if you only keep your eyes open for it.

If you’re a waiter in a restaurant, for example, you’re not just someone who carries plates – you’re someone who can contribute greatly to helping families and friends to experience great outings together, and to forge uplifting and deep memories.

Look for jobs and careers that allow for growth

Generally speaking, jobs and careers that allow for a good degree of growth will tend to feel more purposeful and meaningful than those that don’t, and that leave you feeling as though you’ve hit a dead end. In order to thrive, and to feel as though you are really on an upwards trajectory, you should probably do what you can to make sure that the job you’re in offers you opportunities for growth, movement and expansion.

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How Small Crafts Firms Can Improve Their Workshops

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Small ‘crafts’ firms are often some of the most inspiring and creative businesses out there, often responsible for bringing amazing creations to life based on nothing but the practicality and ingenious skills of their owners. Think of how incredible firms like the WETA Workshop in New Zealand have been creating prop weapons and movie props for some of the biggest blockbusters’ around, inspiring smaller firms for years, while small firms that create merchandise for larger businesses quite literally help brands spread and define their message through the products they sell or give away.

However, no matter what kind of craft you’re involved in, it’s worth considering how small crafts firms can improve their workshops in the best way. In this post, we’ll discuss a few tips for achieving that, with a mind for safety, productivity, and making those long-term investments that are sure to pay dividends as time moves on. 

This way, you’re one step closer to competing with even the bigger enterprises in your field. With that in mind, please consider the following:

Professional Equipment

While it’s true that many artisan workshops will develop their own means of production that may provide their own unique twist on production, it doesn’t hurt to have those industry-standard methods, designed for essential utility, around should we need them. For instance, utilizing an industrial embroidery machine can quite literally aid any small textiles firm in producing at scale, developing prototypes of merchandise easily, and keeping up with the production trends of modern businesses. With a coherent strategy like that, the chance of success is increased.

Safety At All Times

Of course, any improvement in safety is an improvement overall. It’s unlikely that we need to explain why. It might be, then, that reinvesting in brand new safety equipment, new safety training, ensuring that you invest in third-party auditors to come and check your business more stringently than the health inspectors to ensure that government guidelines are not only met, but surpassed, all of this can not only improve employee satisfaction, but if we’re to talk selfishly, the chance that employees may need to take time off work, use your liability insurance, as well as the reputational knock that comes with injured staff. This all pales in comparison to the importance of actually preventing injury, of course, which transcends business in the first place.

Individual Spaces

It’s good to give your staff members autonomy in a workshop, so that they can work safely without bumping into others around the space, and so they can organize their work accordingly. Setting a desk and bench for each employee, giving them space and access to each machine, ensuring a queuing system is in place to allow staff to book certain time on certain utilities, and creating ample storage space with proper security and worthwhile lighting will all make a difference and improve organization, aiding the coherence of crafting within that environment.

With this advice, you’re certain to improve your workshop in the best possible sense.

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