The Activities Whistler Offers That Embrace the Rain

When it’s raining, often you can’t do very much because many activities rely on being outside. Whistler, BC however isn’t one of these, though, because there are activities that you can still enjoy when it is raining. We don’t mean white water rafting necessarily, when you would hardly notice because of how wet you will get anyway, but non-water activities.

In this article, we will take a look at what you might describe as Whistler Rain activities. These are primarily indoor activities, although an activity such as bungee jumping is possible still, no matter how bad the weather. It depends how much you are thinking about the view when you take that leap of faith towards the river.

Brewery Visit

There is a brewery at Whistler that you can visit and taste beer at. This can take place on a rainy day when it is not much fun outside. This is also perfect for other events such as a bachelor party.

The brewery at Whistler will allow you to enjoy craft beer. Anyone into specialty beers and different beers from around the world will consider this heaven on Earth.

Why not explore the Canadian Craft Whistle Brewery Tour? This will take care of a few hours and be a pleasurable experience, that will seem more educational to talk about when you get back home, yet will still have provided you with a great day out accompanied with the taste of beer.

If you enjoy brewery visits back home, then this will be another one to tick off your list. Otherwise, it can be a different experience, that combines a love of beer with some history of the drink. If you like beer, it is enjoyable to sample different kinds and compare their tastes. There is a lot of science behind brewing a good beer.

Escape Room

To escape outside, Whistler can offer a room where lots of dry activities can take place. Okay, they may require brainpower, but then so would a pub quiz back home, in keeping with the thought of beer above.

In all, there are four different types of adventures that you can go on in groups of between two and six people. This means that when you have a larger group, you can split into smaller groups and enjoy activities with fewer people. Sometimes, otherwise, you can find a group too large to have fun and interact with everyone.

When you sign up for this activity, it will become clear just what escape rooms are all about. You will have to solve clues to escape each room within a 45-minute time frame. The clues might be in the form of riddles or puzzles. Either way, it is your task, within your group, to solve them. This makes it important to mix your teams up, in terms of intelligence or depending on how they think, whether that be in a logical way or not. This will be easier when you know the people you’re with well.

With escape rooms on offer at Whistler, we can escape from what we are used to and start relaxing within our friendship or family group that we choose to take away with us. Solving clues can be fun.

Indoor Ice Experience

Why not take your interest in snow or ice indoors. You can, for instance, enjoy skating on the indoor ice rink. Skates are there to be rented, or you could bring your own that you are used to. Canadians lover skating, and you could join them in that at Whistler.

There is more than one rink at Whistler, so you should find space to skate. This is whether you head for Whistler Olympic Plaza or the Meadow Park Sports Centre.

Figure skating or ice hockey can be played on the ice rinks at Whistler.

You do not need to get wet if you do not want to when Whistler allows you to carry on enjoying yourself indoors in your party group. If you are not partaking in the above activities, then you could always make your way to Dusty’s Bar and Grill. There is nothing like a good steak and the drinks that can accompany it.

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