5 Tips for Keeping Good Oral Hygiene while Traveling

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 The summer and wintertime are the two biggest times of the year where everyone is out traveling. Whether it’s visiting family, going on vacation, or celebrating holidays in a fun way. Regardless of what your travel plans are, one thing that you cannot neglect no matter where you’re at in the world would be your oral hygiene. Traveling tends to mean that people let their health slack off a bit. This can include not brushing your teeth enough, eating more junk food than usual, less sleep, consuming alcohol, and moving around a lot less. Oral health is what tends to be neglected the most! These tips will help you stay on top of your oral hygiene when traveling.

Keep a close eye on your toothbrush

Believe it or not, your toothbrush needs to have some ventilation. Most of those toothbrush holders that people pack when traveling tend to not have air holes. Your toothbrush will stay moist which can grow bacteria such as mold. If your toothbrush needs to be enclosed, try to keep it in a larger container, and maybe even leave it out on the counter when not in use. Having to throw out your toothbrush because it smells bad or looks molded is not a good way to start a vacation.

Look at what your mouth needs before traveling

If you’re having to travel, it’s best to try to take care of some things before traveling, especially if you think you’ll be gone for a while. If you’ve been looking into getting full-mouth dental implants, then it’s best to jump-start this far in advance before your big adventure. But this can go for anything dental or health-related really. You want to make sure you feel like you’re in tip-top shape before exploring the world.

Think about the way you sleep

Did you know the way you sleep can affect your dental hygiene? This can include snoring causing problems and even teeth grinding in your sleep. It’s best to just lay on your back and sleep like that if you can. If you’re picky about how you sleep, then you can always try bringing your own pillow.

Cut down on sugar

When it comes to trips, it’s always tempting to just want to eat and drink whatever you like. It’s completely understandable too. Having the opportunity to travel means you’re getting to try new things, eat foods you usually don’t have the chance to do, and just allow yourself to indulge in the finer things in life in general.

This is all fine, but you should try to cut down on it a bit. Junk food, alcohol, basically, those unhealthy things are okay as long as it’s in moderation. Sugar-loaded treats do a lot of harm to your teeth, gums, not to mention your immune system too. So if you want to avoid tooth decay, just consume these things in moderation.

Drink healthy

If all possible, look into drinking things that are good for your health and teeth. As stated above, sugar can be harmful to your teeth and immune system. So try to drink water, green tea, and avoid drinks that will state your teeth such as coffee. You can even look into getting a teeth whitening kit to help you out.

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