6 Travel-inspired Bachelorette Parties to Organize

It’s one of the biggest responsibilities of a girlfriend: plan a smashing bachelorette party that will wow the bride and her other friends. The thing is that your friend loves to travel and wants a travel-themed bachelorette party. There’s only one problem: you aren’t exactly fond of traveling. In fact, even before the pandemic, you haven’t spent much time outside the city or state. You only went to a couple of countries when you were in college just to get along with your friends, but traveling isn’t exactly your kind of thing.

Don’t fret. The internet exists primarily to help clueless individuals like you who have zero ideas about the task assigned to you. This is not the first time someone will plan a party without any idea where to begin. Not everyone is a gifted party organizer and planner, so there’s plenty of resources on the internet for this.

Plan a Yacht Party

Anyone who is carefree enough to love to travel will also have an affinity for the water. You can rent a party boat for hire to stay clear of the hustle and bustle of city life. In any case, it’s a luxurious treat for someone who is dear to you. Aboard a yacht, you can hire musicians, caterers, and bartenders to make it a full-on party. You can either have the boat anchored in the marina or have it sailed to the middle of the sea or at least a few miles away from the boardwalk.

Rent a House

Look for a house that has the classic tropical vibe of Indonesia’s Bali or the summer ambiance of Havana, Cuba. If no one in your friend’s circle has that kind of house, then rent an Airbnb and transform it into a beach house. Look for one with a private pool so you can splash around as a DJ mans the music table, and the other guests dance. Make sure there are inflatables in the shape of a donut, unicorn, and the sun to complete that summer vibe you are aiming for.

Glamp in Style

You have probably tried camping in the past. And if your friend loves to travel, she has tried it before, too. But now that you are older, camping isn’t really your style anymore. It is uncomfortable, and it hurts your back. No future bride wants that. So, what option do you have? Glamping means glamorous camping. Basically, you are camping but with all the amenities of a luxurious hotel, which means a soft bed, air-conditioner, indoor plumbing, and electricity. Forget about pesky mosquitoes since the bride needs to be smooth as butter on her wedding day.

Rejuvenate in a Spa Day

Honestly, who doesn’t deserve a spa weekend? Look for a spa resort somewhere outside the city. It doesn’t need to be too far; a two-hour drive is a good enough road trip. When you get to the spa resort, you can all forget about being in the same country or the same city. Most spa resorts have a meditative ambiance, which is something that your friend needs because of the stress that wedding planning brings her. So, although you are not exactly traveling, for now, a weekend in a spa resort will feel as relaxing as traveling, too.

Go on a Foodie Tour

Is there a better way to experience many other different cities than through their food? If there’s a particular country that your friend is fond of, then why not focus on a foodie tour of that country’s cuisine. If she wants Argentinian food, then schedule a food extravaganza with a local Argentinian restaurant so you can sample asado, chimichurri, empanadas, and dulce de leche.

Plan a Movie Night

Traveling through movies is also permitted for a low-key bachelorette party. You can watch movies that take you to far-flung areas such as “Eat, Pray, Love,” “Mamma Mia!,” “Only You,” and “Under the Tuscan Sun,” among others. You don’t have to leave your couch to experience traveling again. But make sure you have a bottle of champagne to toast the bride and a plate full of cheeses, dried fruits, chocolates, and nuts. Prepare for a long night of not really watching the movie but simply enjoying each other’s company.

Going out of town or out of the country, of course, is the most obvious way to have a travel-inspired bachelorette party. However, since not all people have the resources or time to make that happen, this list is a complication of unique ideas that will also make this party a fun event for everyone. Take your pick and work your magic.

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