How To Best Enjoy Your Fresh Cigar

Whether you’ve received one as a gift, brought some home as a souvenir from abroad, or simply decided to treat yourself, smoking a cigar is a truly luxurious and indulgent experience. The flavor of the smoke and the sensation of taking it in is nothing like smoking cigarettes, something that many people don’t understand. However, fresh cigars can have their taste and quality diminish if you’re not careful. Here are some tips to ensure that doesn’t happen.

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Use a real cutter for it

You don’t simply light cigars from the end, as most know. However, using the appropriate cutting tool is important. You don’t want the edges to be frayed or rough, as this can lead to it burning more quickly down one side. Use a real cigar cutter and make sure that you keep it clean so that it cuts smoothly and without any shuddering to make it difficult to make that single, perfect slice. You also only want to cut the very tip of the cigar. Enough to leave an even, round surface to start burning, not a chunk of what you could actually enjoy smoking.

Ensure it maintains its humidity

You don’t have to smoke a full cigar in one go. In fact, some cigars have a nice difference in taste when you pick them back up for a second smoke. When you do want to stop smoking it, let it rest and it will burn itself out. Cheap cigars might not go out themselves, but they are harder to snuff out and leave more of a mess. Store your cigars in a humidor humidifier, too. This helps them retain more of that humidity that allows them to have such rich taste and to put themselves out.

Light with care

You don’t want to use lighters that make use of heavy fuels such as lighter fluid, so zippo lighters should go right out the window. A butane torch can work fine, but many a long-time smoker won’t use anything other than a match or a cedar stick to light it. How you light is just as important as what you use to light it. You only need to get embers on the end of the cigar to be able to start taking your first drag. Otherwise, you’re just burning that precious taste away. Keep as much of the leaves as you can.

Don’t inhale it, whatever you do

If this is your first time smoking, then this is an important piece of advice. You don’t inhale cigar smoke. It’s far too thick and you’re going to end up coughing with a burning sensation in your chest. Cigars make a much heavier smoke than cigarettes. For that reason, you want to breathe it into your mouth and hold it there, where you can appreciate the taste and smell of it. You can blow it out your mouth or your nose, but just avoid inhaling it down your throat.

If you want to enjoy some fresh new cigars, make sure that you give yourself the kind of experience you deserve. Follow the tips above for the best draw you can get.

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