How A Good Facelift Can Increase Your Homes Value

In a time where we have learned, yet again how fragile and temporary our economies are, investments have not been spared the cold hammer of recession and worse. But, as it happens, the one tried and tested method that we still have to create wealth and legacy in the United States is property…

Indeed, recent years have even managed to make property investment seem less certain than what we’ve come to trust and believe in over-time. However, with clever planning and investing and not buying outside of what we can afford, we can still use the property as the ideal vehicle to underpin long-term financial planning.

So, it makes complete sense that we should be aiming to get as much out of our property investment as possible,, and that means ensuring that our homes are kept in as pristine condition as possible, that goes without saying. However, there are still a few tricks we can employ to get that little extra out of our homes just by making a few cosmetic changes. We say a little extra, but a little over time cold turn out to surprise you. 

Here’s how.

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According to recent studies, while the average close on a home deal could take up to 3 months (more if the offer is complicated), it takes consumers around 50 milliseconds to make a decision about whether to purchase something or not. So, you want to be place your home in the best possible light and it starts with what’s happening outside. You want clean gardens, a fresh coat of paint, fully repaired fences, gates, and paving and if you are going to pave, you might want to think about a textured pavement. Not only great for traffic calming areas on busy streets, they make a sharp impression if laid professionally outside your home, for sleek semi-industrial look.


Before you even think of listing, or even just having your property valuated, direct some of your resources towards gardening. Whether you’re in drier, desert based regions in which case you’ll want an indigenous garden, or you’re in Florida where you can indulge in tropical planting you’ll find that the instant appeal of a well maintained garden very quickly becomes the talk of your town.

Buyers want to move home with as little fuss as possible, so if you can make that transition into their new home as hassle free as you can, you’ll stand a better chance at attracting a higher offer amount.


It hardly seems necessary to mention, but you’d be surprised – and not pleasantly, at how many home deals fall through because the incumbent owners didn’t take enough care to sort out their yeards and clear away trash, outside workshops, broken vehicles and so on.


A new roof can increase your homes value by as much as $ 12 000. So if you’re only planning on listing in the distant future (or even not at all and you’re using your home as a store of capital and equity), then you have to give proper attention to the roof of your home.

Overall, you want to ensure that your home is as inviting on the exterior as you’d want it to feel on the interior

All it needs, is a little TLC.

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