Keep Your Employees Happy When They Are Working At Home

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According to recent research conducted by Gartner, 80% of business owners intend to allow remote working to continue in some form after the pandemic. This signifies a major change in working habits as many people are expected to take up the flexibility offered around office hours. The benefit for employees is obvious, with a recent survey of teleworkers saying that 37% of them would be willing to take a 10% pay cut to work from home. To ensure productivity, Employers in the future will need to figure out new ways to keep their employees motivated while working from home. Here are a few to encourage your employees to remain focused when working remotely. 

Office Equipment 

To fully support remote working, you will need to overhaul your IT infrastructure to ensure devices access your systems from all the different locations where your employees will work. Alongside this, you will need to make sure employees have suitable equipment that allows them to stay comfortable. If your employee is working from a sofa, bed, or an unsuitable table then they may develop strain in their neck or lower back. Discomfort will decrease productivity. Consider equipping your team with an adjustable laptop stand like the ones found at to allow them to work safely while standing or sitting. 

Rewards and Treats

When working in an office, the occasional treat when working on a difficult project or as a pick me up at the end of the working week can help your team feel valued. Sending something to their home will demonstrate that you still appreciate the hard work and they have not been forgotten about. If you do not have the time to mail out a present to every employee’s house, then a voucher for an online store or a local coffee shop is a good alternative. An occasional coffee has a proven track record as a strong motivating perk for office workers. Rewarding an employee while they are working at home shows them that you still value and appreciate their input during their home-working time. 

Respect Their Time Off 

Just because an employee is working from home does not mean they are constantly available to work. Employees still need to have downtime, away from their devices. Otherwise, they risk becoming overly tired and they will burn out. Ask your employees for a schedule of when they intend to work and try to only contact them within their working periods. Be aware that this may require some readjustment as they may have chosen working hours that do not match your usual schedule. An example would be that while working from home a parent may do the school runs and so would prefer to work into the evening than to start work at 9 am on the dot. Ask employees to also respect this boundary, so you can have your time off protected as well. 

Finally, remember that flexible working does not mean an employee has to disappear, use video messaging and other forms of communication to stay in touch and ensure your team is still working well together.

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