Before the Storm: Home Repairs to Check for Summer

We live in a tropical country that is frequented by storms every second half of the year. These storms are often intense, and, given the country’s system, these storms usually take a toll on residential homes.

Summer is fast approaching. In ordinary times, we would be packing our bags for vacation. Instead, we are all still stuck inside our homes due to the pandemic. We can take advantage of this time, though. This season is an excellent time to consider house repairs, given the temperature. It is also a good time to check for needed repairs as there are fewer chances of rainfall. This way, repairs will be more efficiently done.

As we welcome the hottest months of the year, what aspects should you check in your home? What are common house repairs that can be done during summer?

House Repairs

Checking for needed house repairs is essential in maintaining a safe and comfortable home. During storm season, having up-to-date home repairs may mean keeping dry or getting drenched in rainfall. What are things you should check at home for needed repairs?

The first thing you need to check for needed home repairs is your roof. You wouldn’t want any leaks to disturb your remote work or home learning setup during the storm season. Leaks may also affect appliances and other electrical items. To avoid accidents and mishaps, you mustcheck your roof for leaks during the summer. This will provide you time to fix leaks that could otherwise not be repaired once the storm season starts.

Apart from the main home’s roofing, you might want to check the roofing in your patio or deck area. You can change the roofing to adapt to the changing weather by considering installing polycarbonate roofing. This is lightweight, and it can withstand extremely low and high temperatures. It is perfect for unpredictable weather.

Applying a fresh coat of paint to your home exterior is also a good idea during summer. This is more of an aesthetic concern, but it wouldn’t hurt to brighten up your home before the gloomy rainy season starts. You would need to take advantage of the summer’s heat if you want your paint to dry quickly.

Check for electrical items that need repair and updating. You might have to rewire specific systems in your home electrical systems, which might be dangerous during a storm. It is best to prepare early on for such concerns.

Aside from repairs, summer is also an excellent time to prepare an emergency kit for natural disasters.

Storm Emergency Kit

Your basic emergency supply kit should be enough for all members of the household.This would have to include a gallon of water per person each day for at least three days. You will be using this for drinking and sanitation purposes.

Keep three days’ worth of non-perishable food. Since you never know what could happen in an emergency, it’s best to be prepared. In natural disasters, emergency response may be slow, so it is best to be ready for whatever happens.

A strong flashlight with extra batteries should also be in your basic emergency supply kit. Since emergency response may be slow, you will need this when night arrives, and no one has come to rescue yet. During storms, electricity may not be available, so you will need a strong light source to navigate in your area.

Keep a whistle (or several) in your emergency kit. When signaling for help, merely shouting at rescuers may not be enough. A strong whistle can potentially catch their attention, especially during nights of rescue.

There are plenty more you need to prepare in a basic emergency supply kit. Make sure you have these ready months before the storm season so that you will always be ready in an emergency.

Evacuation Plan

Aside from your home repairs and your basic emergency supply kit, another thing you need to prepare for is your family’s evacuation plan. In whatever state of emergency, there is a chance that your family may not all be together at home. It is best to practice a safe evacuation plan for all household members in case an emergency arises. This is to make sure that each household member can be alert during emergencies and reach a safe space even without the head of the household present.

Summer is the ideal time for most home repairs as doing so prevents repair interruption with rain. Despite this, during any month of the year, it is best to practice safety precautions at all times. Prepare your basic emergency supply kit beforehand so you and your family will only have to think about keeping yourselves warm and safe. In any case, your family’s safety should always be the priority.

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