Making Your Old Automobile Much More Efficient

There are plenty of good reasons to want to make your car more fuel efficient. It tends to be better for your parts, cost you less money, and be better for the earth. If you’re noticing that your old car is starting to guzzle more gas (or diesel), then here are a few things you can do to shape it up into a more efficient ride.

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Drive smarter

One of the best ways to cut down your fuel consumption is to simply be more mindful about how you’re driving in the first place. For instance, if you’re driving a diesel, you should idle for a couple minutes before taking off. Otherwise, avoid accelerating or decelerating too hard and reduce the weight of the car by not carrying things in the boot when you don’t need to, at least.

Check those tires

Given that they are where all the mechanical force of the car actually meets the road, the tires play a huge role in how much movement you get for every liter you burn and, as a result, your fuel efficiency. Use a tire pressure checker on a regular basis and, at very least, before every journey on a highway. Tires that aren’t aligned properly can begin to wear and tear unevenly, affecting their performance and, thus, your fuel efficiency too.

Keep the engine in good condition

Given that the engine is where the fuel is getting combusted in the first place, ensuring that it’s in good health is key to the car. Replacing old parts, even those as simple head studs that keep it all together, keeps it running better, which means running more efficiently. If your engine is getting on the old side, it’s worth having a closer look taken at it to see what you could get replaced.

Use high quality oil

It’s not just about the car, it’s about what oil you’re actually putting in there, too. This oil is responsible for lubricating all the moving parts of the engine. Low quality oil is more likely to contain particulates that do the opposite and lose its lubricating quality more quickly. For that reason, you should flush the oil currently in the car if it’s not of a high-quality and invest in better.

Consider an air intake system

Aside from the quality of oil that you use, your engine’s performance (namely, the combustion process) is going to be greatly improved with the right mix of oxygen in there. To that end, adding a high-flow cold air intake system to the car can greatly increase air quality and, as a result, fuel combustion rates. You get more out of burning less fuel, meaning you don’t use as a much fuel to get from A to B.

Take care to know when it might be time to replace your car. You can hold back the tides of time and decrease efficiency, but you should keep in mind when it becomes more cost-effective to simply make the switch, as well.

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