Garage Projects to Keep You Busy While at Home amid a Pandemic

Though some states have eased up their lockdown restrictions, many people are still reluctant to go out. If you’re one of them, that’s fine, but you probably have run out of things to do at home. You are probably tired of binge-watching sports series, Netflix shows, and YouTube videos. Perhaps, you also had taken up some hobbies, such as woodworking, building mechanical keyboards, cooking, cycling, or gardening.

But there’s one thing you probably haven’t touched: the garage. Taking on a garage improvement project could add value to your home and give you the space to have that alone time after a busy day at work.

Not sure where to start? Here are some project ideas that can give your garage a refreshed appearance.

Declutter and reorganize

Before you can make any major changes to your garage, you need to declutter and reorganize it. Go through stacks of boxes and other containers that have been piling up over the years. See which you can throw, donate, upcycle, or keep. For everything that you want to keep, reorganize them by adding storage options.

Organize tools by installing more tool cabinets. You can hang pegboards for tools you often use. Don’t overlook that empty wall space in your garage. Install some shelves to increase storage space. And if you plan to take on more DIY car repairs, consider installing 2-post automotive car lifts for more convenience.

Insulate the garage

After adding storage spaces and clearing up floor spaces, focus on insulating your garage. This way, you can use your garage year-round and reduce your monthly energy bills. Start with insulating the walls. Consider loose-fill insulation, which you can blow into the walls without tearing out the drywall. Another option is to install sound-proofing foam to the walls. This is a good option if you plan to create an area in the garage where you or your kids can play musical instruments so that you won’t disturb your neighbors.

Create a playroom for your kids

Other than building a music studio in the garage, you can also create a playroom for kids. They can go there once their online classes and other schoolwork are completed for the day. With this space, you can assure that they are safe as you do household chores or have that much-needed break after work.

Build a hobby area

If you’ve been working in the yard for your woodworking and other hobbies, you can’t continue this routine as the winter comes in. Create a hobby area in your insulated garage, so you can continue working on your passion projects even if the temperature is cold outside. That way, you can also continue reducing your stress from concerns over work-from-home setup, economic recession, and other COVID-19 issues.

Paint the garage floor

One easy way to give your garage a refreshed look is to paint its floor. Various types of products, such as epoxy resins, are available to improve the look of your garage floor. Some products even seal cracks, cover up stains, or even make your floor resistant to moisture, making it a good space to do car repairs.

Spend time on these projects to continue the battle against the monotonous life that the pandemic has brought on. If you want more projects, these mentioned ideas should get you inspired to create your own.

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