How To Beat A Migraine

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Migraines are severe headaches that many people suffer from frequently. They can be triggered by all kinds of factors from stress to a break in routine and they can often be debilitating. Knowing how to beat a migraine can help you to get on with your day and not suffer as long. Here are just several popular ways of beating migraines.

Turn the lights off

Bright lights can often make migraines worse. Consider lying down in a dark room for an hour or two and see the effect it has. Wearing shades may also be able to help if you’re unable to lock yourself in a dark room.

Use the right painkillers

You can also use painkillers to fight a migraine, however you need to be careful of which painkillers you use. Certain painkillers such as aspirin and ibuprofen should never be mixed together and you should read instructions as to how often you can take painkillers. Never drink alcohol while taking painkillers as it can be deadly.

Drink some coffee

Weirdly, some people get migraines as a symptom of coffee withdrawal. If you catch the migraine early enough, drinking some coffee could be enough to stop it in its tracks. Obviously, this is not a long-term solution and you may want to consider slowly reducing your coffee intake. 

Use hot and cold treatments

The heat and the cold can both help to ease the pain of a migraine. In the case of heat, a hot bath could be a great form of pain relief – the hot bath water will stimulate nerve endings and could result in a pain-numbing endorphin rush. As for cold treatments, applying an icepack or bag frozen vegetables to your head for short periods could also work.

Consult a doctor

If you’ve got concerns about your migraine or need help getting to the cause, it could be worth possibly consulting a primary care doctor. Such doctors may be able to come out and meet you wherever you are. There are also medical phone lines that you can ring for advice if you don’t need a doctor to visit you.

Consider holistic therapy

There are lots of forms of holistic therapy that many people use for migraines. A massage you’re your local spa clinic could be one way of numbing the pain. You could also try looking into acupuncture, which involves using tiny needles in pressure points to relieve pain. On top of these forms of therapy, there are many herbal medicines and natural painkillers that you can try such as ginger. 

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