5 Marketing Strategies That Are Now Outdated

Marketing is constantly evolving. While there are plenty of new strategies coming in, there are also plenty of older strategies that are becoming obsolete as a result. Here are just a few once-popular strategies that are now outdated – and what you should be doing instead.


Companies used to publish brochures and catalogues as informational guides to products and promotions. Nowadays, brochures are regarded as a waste of paper – especially given that they serve the exact same purpose as a website.

Instead of building a brochure, you’re better of putting your time and money into web design. You can update a website at any time, allowing you to constantly promote the most up-to-date information on your company. Apps can also serve a similar function to brochures and could also be worth looking into.

Printed newsletters

Many companies also used to print off newsletters as a way of keeping customers updated. Nowadays, this form of marketing is also dying out due to the convenience of emails.

Emails don’t cost anything to send and are instant. Because of these benefits, many companies are now trying to persuade customers to switch to email mailing lists. A bulk email messaging tool could be the one investment you want to make, making it easier to send masses of emails at once.

Phonebook advertising

It used to be a case that the only way to find the contact details of a company was to use a phonebook. That was until online search engines came along and practically killed off phonebooks.

Appearing on the first page of Google is the modern day equivalent of having pride of place in the phonebook. Boosting one’s rankings on search engines isn’t easy and generally requires investing in SEO services. You can also pay to create search engine ads so that you’re guaranteed to rank at the top until a certain amount people click on your ad.


You’ll still find plenty of billboards around today. However, they’re not nearly as effective at building leads as they once were. Billboard advertising is expensive and nowadays fewer people are observant due to other distractions (namely mobile phones).

There are other forms of advertising that could have better results such as PPC advertising. Given that your average person stuck in traffic is also more likely to check their phone than spot a billboard, it could also be worth pouring that extra money into mobile advertising such as SMS advertising or app development.

Cold calling

Cold calling has never been a popular form of advertising among consumers, but it did used to be effective. These days, it’s much harder to call a stranger up and sell them something. There are now fewer landlines and more mobile phones, and you can view numbers on mobile phones before choosing to pick up. There are also stricter laws when it comes to obtaining data such as phone numbers make it more catered to existing customers.

Direct emailing could be a better alternative marketing strategy to cold calling. People find this less invasive, it’s less costly and it allows you to offer more information more quickly without being cut off. Research email sales tactics and try fine-tuning this strategy instead. 

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