Should You Outsource The IT Needs Of Your Small Business?

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At the center of any small business is the idea that drives it. This concept will be the reason that you started your company in the first place, and it will be the thing that hopefully generates you all of your profits. 

But very often when it comes to running a small business, you end up spinning lots of different plates. You’ll be worrying about keeping your company website up-and-running, managing your social media accounts, trying to get your website more exposure, making sure your antivirus is up-to-date, and worrying about your firewall, and router. 

Unless you are in the business of IT, these are probably not your fields of expertise. But, hiring a professional with the relevant skills and experience can be costly. And then you’ll also have to worry about managing them, and maybe even finding space for them in your organization. This may not be a viable option for you. 

Consider Outsourcing Your IT Requirements

Whatever your business needs in terms of IT support, there are plenty of great companies who are very well positioned to give you excellent service. Click here for an example of one such company. 

By outsourcing IT requirements, you will be freeing up your time in order to focus on the things that really matter to your business. You’ll be able to expand and grow in new ways, and you will have more energy for progress. 

Getting The Experience That Your Company Needs

Someone with the right experience levels and skill set could easily do a much better job of managing your tech support than you. You will be supported by a team who will have the relevant qualifications and will have no doubt handle multiple clients in a similar situation to yourself. They will understand the needs of your business and be able to react to this immediately. 

Access To Industry Standard Software

Your IT consultants will be able to set you up with some of the most useful pieces of software for your business. You’ll get updates as required, and whenever there are developments in areas of technology that may benefit you, you can access this quickly. This will allow you to position yourself ahead of others in the industry, whose in-house IT support may not have the knowledge or infrastructure to get on board with changes quickly enough. 

Security And Data Protection

Your customer’s data is extremely valuable. Not just to you, but to hackers who may try and benefit from it. With cybersecurity representing such a significant threat to business, you need to make sure that this is managed effectively. 

Having a managed IT solution will allow you to protect your data effectively. By keeping your network secure, and carrying out regular data compliance audits, your IT support company will help you rest easy, safe in the knowledge that your data is safe. In completing these audits, you can be sure that you will also meet any official regulatory requirements. 

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Are Background Checks Necessary For Businesses?

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Background checks are becoming more common, with businesses using them now as a part of the final stage of their hiring process, but are they necessary, why do businesses conduct them and do you have to ask permission?

What is a background check?

A background check is the process of finding and reviewing a person’s criminal history, their recruitment history and occasionally their commercial history and financial records. The details of these checks can vary from country to country and state to state and so it’s important to reference the laws regarding background checks where you live. The service of conducting a background check is typically outsourced to a company such as Checkr who will find the person’s information and raise any red flags.

Why do businesses conduct background checks? 

Businesses may conduct a background check for many different reasons. Some roles especially those within government or finance may require them to do so. Other employers may opt to do one as a safeguarding measure and to help them gauge the character of a person and their suitability for a role. 

It has been estimated that up to 40% of people lie on their resume and a background check can help employers to find out if an applicant has made false claims regarding their employment or education history. Even the process of ringing up a persons references could be classed as a form of background check and is just a way for a potential employer to gauge the fit of a prospective employee and to check that they have not been dishonest in order to be considered for the role. 

A background check can also highlight any issues that may make someone unsuitable for their role for example it could highlight driving offences which could make a person unsuitable for a role as a delivery driver. Background checks can also highlight any criminal records and any time spent in jail, and although a person should not be disregarded for their criminal history alone this should be taken into consideration when trying to maintain a safe working environment. For example, a candidate with a violent history may not be suitable for a high stress working environment as they may pose a risk to other members of staff. Background checks are also often performed for roles in which the individual is responsible for money as a means of additional security and protection against theft. 

Do employers have to ask the candidates permission?

Yes, as a potential employer you must ask and receive written permission from a candidate in order to conduct a background check, otherwise this could be a breach of a person’s privacy. An employer is also required to offer a copy of the finished report should you wish to query anything stated within it. 

The laws around background checks and what can and cannot be done change from place to place, so be sure to read up on the laws for your location if you wish to conduct one or believe one is going to be conducted on you. 

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Become A Plant Cultivator In Your Own Garden

There are many fantastic reasons why you might want to get into cultivating plants in your own garden. If you approach it in the right way, it can be an exercise in environmental aid, as growing certain native plants in your own home can help the local ecosystem to thrive. For some plants, there may be a range of uses which you might want to get out of them, whether medicinal or otherwise: even a bed of sunflowers might be cultivated for their edible seeds, as well as their flowers, which may be crushed and used in making homemade soap. Whatever your reason, it’s an exciting hobby to delve into – but one which will take a fair amount of preparation, especially if you want to see great success some time soon.

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The Value Of Good Soil

Whatever it is that you are growing, you are almost certainly going to need good quality soil to grow it in. This is not a blanket rule, of course: water lilies will need either a pond or wet sand, and cacti can grow in rocky material. But for the majority of plants, you are likely to want to grow, good soil will be necessary. The best (and most rewarding) way to get your hands on good quality soil is to cultivate it yourself, a process which is probably easier than you think and yet still has the potential to be back-breaking. Over-cultivation is a real issue, and relatively easy to stumble into, so make sure that you don’t overdo it. With a simple compost and some physical labour digging it into the ground, you can have good soil in no time. You’ll know it’s ready when it’s crumbly, sweet-smelling and a rich colour.

Expert Equipment For Expert Cultivation

In the case of most plants that you will be seeking to cultivate, you are doing so in order to harvest something that you might get some use out of. Whatever it is, you will need to make sure that you are going to be able to do that, preferably by working to find the best possible tools and equipment out there. Relying on reliable and trusted sources like trimleaf can be an excellent way to do this, and you will find that having those decent tools in your hands will help you to feel more engaged with the art of cultivation as well. A bad workman blames his tools, but a good workman can often draw a line between their success and the quality of their tools.

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The Time To Harvest

The harvest, of course, is what it’s all about. Arguably the most crucial part of harvesting is making sure that you are doing so at the right time, which can be much more of a challenge than you might have assumed. You will need to carry out the relevant research for each plant that you have, but you also have to keep your wits about you, as this is the kind of thing where real-life observation is very often more relevant than the information you find in books and online. In time, you will come to appreciate the signs of harvest time, which will yield greater results in your garden, whatever you are growing.

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