How to Build the House of Your Dreams

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Ask anyone and they will be able to tell you what the house of their dreams looks like. For some, it’s a treehouse, like a grownup version of what they had as a kid; for others, it’s a chic city pad with views to die for. But no matter what your dreams are, if you have the time, money and passion, you can almost certainly build your perfect home. 

If it’s time to move house but you can’t find anything you really want on the market, now is the perfect time to think seriously about building your dream home. 

Research Building Methods

Unless you are an architect or builder, you probably won’t have much of an idea about how the building process works. In some ways, this gives you an advantage because you can dream up your scheme without any limitations and then research how to make it happen. If you work the other way around, you could quickly stifle your dreams simply by ignoring possibilities and going for convention. 

The building industry is full of different choices from High Rise Pump Hire mechanisms to pour a concrete slab to build on through to seaming a zinc roof. This means that while there are some building conventions, as long as an architect approves your ideas, you can use a wide range of building methods to get the finish you want. 

Find the Right Place to Build

Finding the right plot is essential for any design. This is because you need to work with the land to create the perfect design, you can’t just drop your design onto the land and hope it works. Finding a plot in the right location can be tough but if you are open-minded and willing to think outside the box, you should be able to find something within your budget and location. 

Location is the only factor you can never change in a property (unless your house has wheels) so you must think carefully about where you want to live. For example, while a secluded hilltop might give you what you want in theory, a long hard winter could quickly put you off! 

Refine Your Design

When you refine your design, you need to think about two main things: how usable is the space you have dreamed up and how affordable is it to build? Building an affordable house is definitely possible if you are willing to make a few tough choices. An architect is usually best placed to help you turn a dream into a refined design but do take your time in choosing the right person to help.

Refining your design should be just as creative a process as your dream house but this time, you need to think within a few practical parameters including the cost to run as well as to build. As you refine your plans, you might find that what you come up with actually works better than the dream might have done – especially now you are designing for a particular plot of land. Remember, what you are creating in reality has to be liveable first and foremost! 

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One thought on “How to Build the House of Your Dreams

  1. Creating a house is all about setting goals and to achieve those goals there are some important steps that must be followed accordingly. The basic steps for building a house are: Set goals, Prepare budget, Find appropriate land, Hire contractors, etc. Designing is the most important step in the building process, so it is very important to choose the best professional designer.
    I recently had completed my home renovation with Stiely Design. They transformed my older house and gave it a modern stylish look.
    Hope you understand my point.


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