3 Things Cake Businesses Get Wrong

Launching a business cake is, for most people, like an extension on your home kitchen. If you enjoy spending time in your kitchen, baking is one of the most satisfying hobbies you can have. Ultimately, baking makes people happy – assuming your cakes are yummy, of course! Therefore, a lot of independent cake businesses start as a way of creating a little extra money on the side after a long week at the office. In time, the cake venture develops and forces business owners to move out of their home kitchen and buy or rent out their own professional premises, with a kitchen and a large area with tables and chairs for customers who prefer to consume their cake directly in the shop. 

However, cake shops are another type of customers, people who order their cake in advance to make sure it is ready for an event – from birthday parties to wedding receptions. Online browsers can turn into buyers – whether online or in the shop. They are your most profitable customers as a personalized order is likely to cost more than a standard slice bought in shop. However, too many cake businesses fail to meet their online browsing customers’ expectations. 

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Slow IT changes everything 

You can’t afford to have lousy technology. Your website, for instance, needs to load quickly. Customers don’t want to wait for your images to load. Therefore, it’s important to find the most suitable server solution for your site. Additionally, your customers are likely to share confidential data per email, such as sending photos and names for their cake order. Managed IT services can ensure that you get immediate access to their information without wasting time downloading images, for instance. Additionally, it also provides IT security, which keeps hackers at bay. 

You can’t personalize everything with fondant

Everybody wants a personal message on their cake. Whether you are dealing with birthday orders or special events, most people insist on injecting a little personality to their cake with a handwritten message or a small drawing. Could you draw a little Peppa Pig in the corner for my daughter, please? Could you write “Congratulations Sandy” in gothic font, please? For recurring requests, it’s a good idea to create a stencil using vinylcuttingmachineguide.com, which allows you to repeat the shape on every cake. Not only are you going to save a lot of time in the long run, but you can also make sure that you always deliver the best possible design for your clients. After all,  we’re all familiar with the cake wrecks website; you don’t want to end up there! 

Who says cakes have to be fattening?

Why should cakes always throw all your dieting efforts through the window? Cake shops need to find creative ways to create yummy and guilt-free recipes that will keep everybody happy. A simple strawberry cheesecake portion contains less than 150 calories, but it still puts a smile on your client’s face, if you can make it happen. 

Everybody loves cakes. But cake shops still have a few challenges to overcome before they can grow their businesses. From ensuring their IT is up-to-speed to designing guilt-free and healthy recipes, there is a lot to do before you can become the next cake boss in your community.

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