Steps to Surviving an Office Renovation

When you need to move your business from being based at home to having an office then there are plenty of things to be thinking about. Likewise, when your current office lease starts to expire, then choosing to stay where you are, and perhaps think about upgrading your existing space instead, could be the thing to actually yield some pretty significant savings. However, being able to successfully do just that and make some big savings, then it will be something that will need a lot of planning, and a lot of time taken to ensure that the whole thing is done well. So with that in mind, here are some important considerations, so that if this sounds like you, and an office upgrade or renovation is on the cards, then you can help it all run much more smoothly.


Stay or Go?

Before you think about renovating your space, then it is a good idea to make certain that relocating isn’t something that is a better option. Have a think about your ideal space requirements, and then with a designer or even an architect, you could see what would actually be possible where you are, or if a move would be better. You could even see what the issues are with where you are currently, as a landlord could consider reducing the price if they have some fixes to make, and if it would keep you as a tenant.

Establishing a Budget

In truth, the complete cost of a project or renovation will not be fully known until the work has been done. If there are any new projects, then a good thing to think about is having about 10% contingency in your budget, but that could reduce as time goes on and you see how well things are going. If you are making structural changes to the office site, then another 10% of contingency is a good idea to think about. You should also think about incorporating costs for things like temporary protection, site office hire, and partitions, as well as things you normally might not consider like having to cover the costs of overtime and additional workloads for you and your team. So carefully plan out a budget, but do remember to have a bit of a contingency plan.


In a lot of ways, there is a perception that a renovation done by the current occupants is just as important as the implementation of the work itself. But any change that comes to an office space or to a workplace, brings with it some possible anxieties, which can be very true if the reason for going so, or the impact, is not well understood. So make sure that communication over the project is rather clear and informative, so that all people that are involved, are aware of the expectations. Likewise, creating some actual mock-ups of what things could look like, can be a good way for the team to test things out and keep everyone in the loop.

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