Making Your Work Mornings That Bit More Bearable


Some people manage to leap out of bed in the morning in a great mood, they’re naturally more energised at this time of day and waking up is no real issue to them. Aren’t they annoying? For us mere mortals, mornings are far more of a struggle. If you’re finding yourself snoozing your alarm over and over and generally feel rubbish however, then something needs to change. You might not ever love mornings but they can be far easier to deal with if you follow these tips.

Get enough sleep the night before

It goes without saying that without enough sleep, your morning (and your day in general) is going to be pretty miserable. No one likes the sound of the alarm clock when they wake up, but when you’ve had a solid sleep it’s far easier to drag yourself out of bed. Make this a priority and your life will genuinely improve. You’ll be much more alert, in a better mood and even things like controlling your appetite will be easier. This is because without enough sleep, our hunger hormones are thrown out of whack.

Organise your work stuff ahead of time

Leaving everything until the morning is never a good idea. When you wake up and are already pressed for time, the last thing you need is to be running around like a headless chicken and panicking because you can’t find the things you need. Before going to bed, pack up your lunch and your work stuff, and get your clothes ready. Lay out everything you need on a chair in your bedroom so you can get up and get changed without any messing around. Having a shower before bed will save you a few minutes in the morning too.

Eat breakfast

It’s easy to forfeit breakfast for a little extra sleep in the morning, but making the time to eat can most definitely help you to get your day off to a good start. A bowl of cereal with chopped fruit, a smoothie made up with yoghurt or some wholemeal toast all wouldn’t take long to make in the morning. You’ll feel more alert and it can give you an energy boost when you need it most.

Find the best method of transport to work

For some people, public transport will be the best way to get to work. If you work in a busy city for example, the traffic will be bad but trains, buses and trams will be very good and run regularly. However, for others, driving will be the best option. Maybe your work is a little out of the city centre, or is far from where you live. Perhaps your work hours involve you getting there before or after rush hour. If so, then getting your own vehicle could be the best way to go. You can find used cars that won’t break the bank and would be ideal for getting you from A to B.

Use your commute to be productive

Get your morning off to a good start by using your commute to be productive. If you’re on public transport you could answer emails or tick off smaller items from your to-do list to get ahead for the day. If you’re driving, you could listen to an inspirational podcast on your way to get you in the best frame of mind.

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