The Sophisticated Home You’ve Always Dreamed of in 5 Fabulous Stages

When you look online at the dreamy mansions owned by celebrities you feel in awe at how they manage to decorate the place so beautifully. You have always had a keen eye for interior design and your love for it isn’t going away. Whether you want to get the kitchen you’ve always wanted or find a way to turn your living room into a luxury living space, you can finally have the sophisticated home you have always dreamed of. Grab some inspiration from some of your favourite places, explore your interior design options and follow these five fabulous stages to transform your feeble home into a fabulous one.

  1. Save up The Money

Everyone needs money to start off their dream interior design project. Perhaps you have been trying to save up for a while but you have had no luck so far; you should take a look at for more information on getting money quickly and efficiently. If you’re in a hurry to complete your design project, then this would be the perfect way to boost your budget smoothly and swiftly.


  1. Target the First Room

You don’t want your ideas to take over the entire house all at once like a sudden bombshell. Target one room at a time so that you cause as little disruption as possible to your day to day routine. You should try and think about the room that is going to take the longest to complete; this is the one you should target first of all. Kitchens and bathrooms are arguably two of the most important rooms in the house and you need to plan carefully if they are going to be out of action for a couple of weeks.

  1. Pull Together Inspiration

Once you know which room you are going to decorate first, you can start to gather some ideas together from a variety of different places. Whether you start up an inspiring Pinterest board or you cut out some ideas from magazines, once you have a vague idea of your style and décor you will be able to put them into action. Consider colour schemes, accessories and special touches to make your designs truly unique compared to anybody else’s.

  1. Make the Final Decisions

Narrow down your inspiration board into a clear and concise set of ideas that you can finally decide upon. You might need to consider your budget at a time like this; if your ideas are turning into something a little too extravagant and out of your budget then you might need to opt for the choices that are more affordable. Find some cost cutting methods before you start putting any of your ideas into action.

  1. Put the Plan into Play & Accessorize

Transfer your ideas from paper to person and enjoy the process of picking out fabulous accessories to match. Your dream home will be finished in a flash and you will no longer need to lust after the mansions in the glossy magazines.

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