Want To Start A Business? What’s Stopping You?

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Many people think about starting their own business, but very few people actually follow through and do it. If you’ve been considering starting a business, now could be the time to stop making excuses. Here are just a few of the common excuses that stop people following their entrepreneurial dreams…

‘I can’t afford it’

Starting a business can be expensive and many people can’t afford to pay for it out of their own pocket. It’s for this reason that business loans exist – many successful companies have been started by taking out a business loan and many lenders are willing to give out thousands. There’s also the option of seeking investment, which involves offering shares in profits in exchange for funding from investors. Meanwhile, for those that want to avoid debt or giving away shares, it’s always possible to save up the money in a high interest business savings account. All in all, there are lots of funding for those that can’t afford to start their business.

‘I don’t have the time’

Another common excuse that people make for not starting a business is not having the time. Whilst you may have other commitments to handle, these needn’t get in the way of your business dreams – many people have started businesses whilst raising children and even working full time jobs in order to maintain a steady income in the beginning. Running a business is something that can be done flexibly – you have the power to set your own hours and you can always hire staff to fill in times that you can’t work due to other commitments.

‘I don’t have any business skills’

A lot of entrepreneurs begin with little or no business know-how. Fortunately, it’s something that you can learn on the job. There are plenty of business books, blogs and courses that can help you to develop leadership skills, organisation skills and various other skills. You can also hire advisors to help you with legal, financial and technological elements of your business.

‘I don’t have a business idea’

Alternatively, you may have the business skills but no business model. In these cases, there’s always the option of buying a franchise. This involves starting up a company with an already established brand. You’ll find franchises such as these senior care franchise opportunities advertised online. Franchises can offer more financial security and you won’t have to invest as much money into marketing.

‘I’m worried it will fail’

Your business won’t fail if you’re determined enough to make it succeed. Some people fear the lack of a steady income, but as stated already it’s possible to work another job and run a business. As for your business model, you can always alter it if you think it isn’t working for you. A big part of achieving positive results is thinking positive, so stop thinking the worst and take your shot at starting a business.

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