4 of the Best Reasons to Buy an SUV

When the price of fuel for your car seems to rise and rise, and there can feel like some social pressure to downsize your car, some people are turning away from getting an SUV (sports utility vehicle). But there are plenty of reasons why choosing an SUV is still a good thing for you. You just have to look at how much Tesla and their new model 3 car has been in the news recently, to know that for now, electric vehicles aren’t all that they are cracked up to be. So until those things can be ironed out, a traditional car can be the way forward. Which is where an SUV can come in.

If you’re toying with the idea of getting an SUV, then here are some of the reasons to make the jump. Because at the end of the day, when you need an SUV, you need an SUV.

Auto Vehicle Suv Red Small Car Passenger Cars


Large Space

If you’ve got a big family, then you need a way to transport them all. Simple as that. And an SUV can be one of the ways that you can do that efficiently, without having to get two vehicles. There are plenty of 7 seat SUVs for bigger families, as well as ones that are flexible with the seating, so you can use them if you drive a lot for work, for example. Being able to take more and more people at the same time, as well as equipment or luggage, is going to make your journeys more efficient and make your impact on the environment lower. Multiple trips for the same purpose isn’t going to be a good thing.

Good Gas Mileage

I know what you’re thinking, can you really get good gas mileage with an SUV? Back in the day, they were gas-guzzlers that would have a pretty inefficient gas mileage. But times change. And with them, so does the technology. With that, manufacturers have been looking to make their vehicles more efficient and better for the environment. There are plenty of SUVs out there now that get over thirty miles per gallon, which is a pretty standard amount for a car. Good gas mileage, and you don’t have to compromise on size, space, or the other qualities of an SUV.



All cars have to go through rigorous testing when they are being created. And all modern cars are fixed with things like airbags, roll cage, and things like traction control. But let’s face facts; if you have a small Mini crashing into a larger SUV, the physics of it all will tell you that you’re going to be better off in the SUV in a situation like that. So while all modern cars are pretty safe, there are some that are going to make it safer for you to be in than others.

In a similar vein, SUVs are going to be the things that are better off in inclement weather too. In floods and storms, the are going to be better to get you through, and to even help others. They can pull trucks and trailers, as well as be better in snow and ice due to the off-road features that they have. This may depend on where you live as to what conditions you face. But a Toyota 4Runner is a pretty good example of an SUV that can do well in all weather conditions.

Command Seating Position

It makes sense that the higher you are sat up, the further you can see down the road. You are likely to see other cars and traffic, hazards, and people slamming on their breaks. So if you are in an SUV, it can make driving a little easier for you, as you can spot things before, or just before, they happen. It can help in just general out-and-about driving too. Think about parking in a larger vehicle, for example. You will have a better vision of the space and what is around you, as well as being able to see over walls or fences. For driving off-road, you’ll be able to spot obstacles before they come up too.

Here are just a few of the points why SUVs make a good vehicle, for families, and couples alike. They can be a good asset for business too. They can look good too. But at the end of the day, the choice is yours. Just don’t write it off as a potential vehicle for your family, as it can be a massive benefit and make your life simpler and safer.

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