10 Things You Can Do To See More Money In Your Bank Account Tomorrow

Everyone will probably tell you they want more money for one reason or another. Perhaps they want to make sure their family’s enjoy abundant lifestyles. Perhaps they want to buy a house to call their own, a new car, or start a business. Some just want more money for the hell of it. However, there are many limiting beliefs surrounding money that can stop people from having it. Some people believe they aren’t meant to have a lot of money, while others think that it’s too hard to come by. The fact is, you can have more money almost immediately if you just open your mind. Your career isn’t the only way to get money! Here are 10 things you can do to see more money in your bank account tomorrow!


Start Tracking Your Finances Properly

If you don’t currently track your finances properly, it’s no wonder you’re finding yourself with less money than you really want. You should know how much you have coming in, how much goes out, and how much you have to spend on things like food, petrol, and entertainment. Knowing your numbers is key to staying on track with your finances and even creating more wealth for yourself. You can download apps that help you to see everything in real time, or you can simply make a note of it in your phone or a book. You might be surprised at how much you’re spending on coffee, for instance. It all adds up!


Sell Your Old Junk

Gather up all of your old junk from around the house. Now go to your prefered platform, whether this is eBay, Gumtree, Depop, or Etsy and sell away. You can even use Facebook marketplace to sell these days, or sell in person. One man’s junk really is another’s treasure! Not only will sorting out all of your old stuff make more space and feel great, you’ll have a little extra pocket money to spend on what you want. People will buy clothes, old electronics, and so much more. You’re bound to have a few things that you can sell!



Ask For A Pay Rise

Asking for a pay rise may seem nerve wracking, but if you feel it’s well deserved, then don’t hold back. Arrange a meeting with your boss and present solid facts as to why you should get a pay rise. They may decline for now, and give you tips on what you can do in the future.


Alternatively, you can make sure you land a career that offers a lucrative salary. You can find out the salary via wikiproffesional.org, with almost any role being listed on there. Neurologists, for example, earn a good amount of money, although it’s a very tough job. Bear in mind that it can take years to train to work in some professions, such as the medical profession. However, if this is something you’re passionate about, you should go for it!


Start A Business On The Side
Do you have a particular skill that you would like to share with the world? You could start a business on the side. Maybe you can speak another language, or you can make jewelry by hand. Whatever it is you can do, it’s easy enough to start an online business and begin selling your services. Make sure you focus on great marketing techniques and customer service, and before you know it, you could be making enough to quit your day job. Lots of people are doing it, and there’s absolutely no reason that you can’t!


Change Your Utility Bill Suppliers

If you’ve been with the same utility bill suppliers for years, you’ve probably wasted a lot of money. You should check out new deals with different suppliers each year, as it’s super easy to switch and you can save a fortune.


Swap Your Sim

Swapping your contract for a plain sim, or even downgrading your current contract is a great way to save money. Do you use everything you have now? If you always have minutes and data left over, then it could be time to switch.


Cancel Your Subscriptions

If you have ongoing subscriptions that you just don’t use, make sure you cancel them before another payment goes out. Netflix, Amazon prime, Spotify, and even your local gym can all make wonderful subscriptions providing that you actually use them. If you’re not using them but keep telling yourself that you will, it could be time to get rid.


Start Affirming Your Wealth

This one may sound strange, but many wealthy people will tell you that the key to more money is to believe you have it. Stop telling yourself the same old ‘I’m poor’ story. Start saying you have money. In fact, start saying you have the amount of money you need! You don’t have to tell lies to people; it’s not like that. You simply make sure that your thoughts, actions, and words line up with what you want. This is a form of ‘faking it until you make it’, and if you can keep it up for a little while, you might just get great results.


Try A Little Feng Shui

Feng shui is a way of arranging your furniture so that energy flows through the home. Again, this may sound strange, but some people swear by it. You need to make sure things like your bed and mirrors are in an optimal position in the home, as this will encourage positive energy flow. There’s no harm in a little furniture rearranging if it might help you to make more cash!


Invest It

Finally, how about investing your money? OK, so you won’t exactly see more money in your bank account tomorrow, but investing is a much smarter way of using your money than saving it. Sure, it’s wise to have some savings, but once you have enough you should look at putting your money into smart investments. If you’re clever, and you take it slow and start small, you could have some great returns to play with in a few years.


What do you think of these tips?

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